Posted by: Madi | January 29, 2008

Join the Glitterati

New Glitterati Skins

The skin design business right now is hot.  And let me tell you, the latest entry into this market is smokin’ hot!  Offered by Laura Leandros of Mojo, Glitterati skins are the latest to make a splash with resident fashionistas, debuting this past Saturday.  According to Laura’s note, these skins are “lovingly crafted to add a little glitz to your natural glamor.”  And that she did!

 Featuring bold eyebrows (yay for the NOT over-tweezed!), 9 skin tones, 40 make up options (20 for day, 20 for night), and 4 style variations (matte or gloss lips, with or without eyeliner), you are bound to find the perfect look for you.

While I find the eyes to be heavy on the make up – that’s the way they are supposed to be!  The shading is fabulous and its good to see a designer offering so many darker skin tones in their range.  The naughty bits are appropriately naughty and as pictured after the cut, the stomach and bum are nicely done. 

The only thing I noticed was the sort of line that appears behind the knee with the highlighting, but let me tell you this – who looks at the back of your knees!  The’ll be spending too much time looking at your glamorous face to notice. 

Another strong entry to the skin market, be sure to visit Mojo and check out Glitterati!

 Mostly naked-shot and skin names after the cut!

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Posted by: Serenity Mercier | December 7, 2007

Accademia del Lusso Fashion Show

The Accademia del Lusso, one of the world’s prestigious fashion schools, celebrated its entrance into Second Life with a spectacular runway show on Saturday, December 1st, at its new educational facility on Montenapoleone island. To read more about the show, and the Accademia’s exciting educational project, conceived and developed by Shiryu Musashi, be sure to check out this week’s issue of the Metaverse Messenger.


The show featured outfits from some of Second Life’s most accomplished designers: Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things, Callie Cline of caLLie cLine, Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do and Simone Stern of Simone.


Honey Bender models Simone’s Attache in celery (above), with Breakneck Pumps in olive and Glass Chunk jewelry from Shiny Things. In the background: ASpiRE! President Ally Geer hosts the show, which she also helped to organize.


ASpiRE! UOMO model Billy Geer displays The Glorious F from Musashi-Do, worn with Spencers shoes in brown from Shiny Things. Musashi created the suit to honour the memory of Gianfranco Ferré, one of the real world’s greatest designers, who died in June of this year.


Summer Deadlight shows us shopping in style, wearing caLLie cLine’s Warm Shopper, teamed with Shiny Thing’s Hippie Deluxe bracelet in brown, Fally’s Favourite Leather Bag in black, Braid earrings in brown, and Old Laceup Boots in black. The whimsical UNbrella, also from Shiny Things, comes with its own weather.

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Posted by: Madi | November 29, 2007

This week in the M2

Holiday season got you feeling a little mixed up? Searching for a great fall outfit? If you like what you see, want to get the whole picture and know where your shopping adventures need to take you to get the look for yourself, check out the Fashion Section in this week’s Metaverse Messenger for the scoop!

fall teaser

Posted by: Madi | November 24, 2007

Evie’s Closet – Sweet Cherry

As promised, Evie’s Closet group freebies were delivered yesterday, did you get yours, girls?

If you like the exclusive group gift, Evie Miles offers the dress in cherry red, perfect for the holidays and the upcoming parties and balls you’ll no doubt be attending. In addition to the corset, prim skirt and glitch pants, Evie’s included a wreath of red flowers to complete the look. Check out her store at Madison Place to see this and other gowns to enchant and delight you.

Credits after the cut.


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Posted by: Madi | November 19, 2007

Evie’s Closet

*takes a deep breath and blows the dust off of Fashion Heaven*

If I have learned anything about fashion in SecondLife, its that you must wander to find the latest and greatest, truly good, not over-hyped “stuff” out there. It was in my recent adventures on the Avilion sims that I spied an adorable avatar, dressed as a fae, flutter by in a gorgeous gown. This is where my instincts kicked in and I employed my favorite method of discovery. “I love your dress – where did you get it?” Imagine my surprise when she responded with “I made it!”  And that is how I met Evangeline Miles of Evie’s Closet!

With many exciting things on the horizon for her line, I wanted to get the word out about Evie and her closet full of beautifully textured gowns, many themed perfectly for medieval and role play sims in SL. She recently opened a new location at Madison Place (has to be a great sim with that name, right?) and is about to release her first group freebie, Tya’s Spice, pictured below.   With just the right amount of flex and “poof,” this is a ball gown that is sure to make you feel like a princess.  Search “Evie’s Closet” in groups and you’ll find her in no time – ladies you do NOT want to miss this one!

Check out the upcoming issue of the Metaverse Messenger to read a designer spotlight on Miss Miles and see more of her work: Additional credits after the cut.

Tya's Spice by Evie's Closet

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 26, 2007

Are you bored of me yet?

Sorry all this is a slurls and slander follow on from my article in the Metaverse Messenger.

You can read the deranged ramblings of a crazy girl there.

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 25, 2007

I’m just a blog machine.. or… Get the celebrity look!

Unless you’ve been watching old episodes of Monkey Dust on the web (I have!) you can’t have failed to have noticed the influx of criminal types in SL. Well not really but whatever.

Anyhoo, today’s masterclass in looking like someone else brings you…. Venus!

Apparently hugely popular *snorts*, this dead gal about the grid has impeccable taste, so me and Tie decided to use our eagle eyes to pick out all the parts of her outfit (with an ickle bit of help from the pause button) and now we have put it all together for your enjoyment.

All the SLurls you need to look like a total clone and possibly get shot in the head after the cut.

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 21, 2007

My christmas wish list

On one of my usual random whims months and months ago I decided I wanted a flapper dress. You know, with lots of tassle type thing and stuff. Anyhoo, I’d hunted around until my ADHD kicked in and then I forgot about it. Until today when Shai Delacroix released a flapper dress, YAY!

Ok, ok, the photo’s lame, PS was being mean to me so I threw a load of filters at the picture and called it done. Anyway, there it is. And doesn’t it look christmasy*cue tenuous link*

Yeah yeah I KNOW it’s not anywhere near Christmas, but my local supermarket has had all the toblerones and advent calenders out since september! Besides all that I want to make sure people have plenty of time to do a Jim’ll fix it for me. And so, in no uncertain order (and with a few of Tie’s too) is my wish list.

Can someone please make a tailored jacket with prim bits so it flares out around the hips.. Maybe in suede with a prim collar too!

Starley Therian: I love your skins but can you please take off the crazy highlights on face that were in the autumn skins and get photoshop happy with the eyeliner again. Oh and can you fiddle with my arse too *giggles*. The skins arse anyway. Danke

Trinitee Trillam: Can you make more amplify tops in different colours please?

Kin Keiko: Please make more hair! *whines*

Onyx LaShelle: Please please please take the clip clops out of your shoes, you have no idea of the deep psychological damage you’re doing!

Francis Chung: New car! Or if you want to make me a custom Shadow that’d work too!

Pictures of Tenshi and the unicorn *grins*

Ginny Talamasca: Can you please make some outfits that don’t look the same as the ones you’ve already done. Ta.

All the fashion bloggers to be nice to each other! Oh and while we’re on the unrealistic wishes can I have world peace too.

Although, having said that, can someone please bitch about me for five minutes or so, just so I feel like I’m popular.

Launa Fauna: More jeans! More tops! More things! Prim dungarees?

Truth Hawks: More ladies trainers/sneakers please

Luth Brodie: Please, please, please don’t put any more poses in that same vendor. I can’t even count up to 178.

And I’m done, oh here’s Tie’s though.

*Tie suddenly stops what she was doing and blinks, staring around* Wha? Me? A list? Oh umm….

Well, I think all the designers who make crap things should stop doing that and everyone making good stuff should continue.

Oh, and everyone doing the whole seasonal fashion releases should think about something more original as well. I’m starting to just ignore any posts with ‘new fall fashions’ or ‘new winter coat’ in the title… there’ve been a ton of knee length coats released recently which all look the frickin’ same!

More constructively though…

Winter Moon: Make some more stuff please!

Y7: Same applies! Especially some more skirts like the tartan ones.

RaC: I’d love to see some more makeup options (especially for the Drew skin if you need somewhere to start *hums*)

Nevermore: Hybrid 3 skins? *poke*

Everyone else: Surprise us with something new and different.

(Kitty’s edit – Dammit, I forgot about Nevermore! Yes, Hybrid 3 skins or else we’re going to ummm…. cry)

After cut bollocks

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Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | October 18, 2007


In the absence of any other fashion angels, Tie and I have decided to rename this blog *drum roll*

Tie and Kitty’s Blog where they talk about all the shit they talk about on their own blog but here it gets posted on Fashion Planet!

*end drum roll*

Anyway’s we were doing on of our random sim hops, as usual coming across many many items of clothing for sale which I wouldn’t even wear to a bad taste party. Clothes like the ones in the above photo. Amidst the snickering and guffawing (nice word, no?) came the statement “A seven year old could do better than that”. Well, we decided to put our money where our mouths are (not Tie’s mouth, you don’t even want to see where THAT goes) and get not one, but TWO seven year olds to create some clothing for us! YAY us!

And here they are…

Okay, so in the name of fairness I made the alpha channels (hence the cack seam *sighs*) but everything else was done by them, in photoshop. But please, don’t let us walk smugly away feeling umm smug. Do tell us what you think about our little experiment.

Couple of other pictures after the cut of me and Tie sporting our lovely new tops in the ensembles picked out by the up and coming designers themselves to set off their creations perfectly!

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Posted by: Tiernan Serpentine | October 18, 2007

Slutty slave stuffs

Anyone who has ever been shopping for silks or taken a stroll through a Gorean sim will know that it’s very hard to find nice silky things. There’s a lotta crap everywhere really but particularly in the silks market with horrible textures and blinging chains. Soooooo… I had an inventory trawl and came up with some nice ones for aspiring slaves and veteran sluts alike.

This one from Solange is a new favourite, and the skirty drapey part accessorises very nicely with couture type outfits. It even turned a few eyes at a fashion store opening event (though that may have been the exposed nipple, not sure).

For a slightly more minimal look, on the right are red belled silks from The Lair next to a chain harness from Stygian Silks. Both perfect for any occasion, whether it’s lazing on the beach, visiting parents or public speaking.

Umm I have to go find slurls now, back in a bit….

Right, in no particular order-

Solange – the white drapey one

The Lair – the little red one

Stygian Silks – the tight, clinging chainy one

Hair – ETD

Skin – RaC

After the cut some more particularly slutty ones, yay!

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