Posted by: Carissa Crimson | June 24, 2007

CC’s introduction

Addicted to skinOriginally uploaded by Carissa Crimson*waves* Hi everyone! I’m so excited that our Fashion Heaven blog is finished that I can barely contain myself! Where do I start?

Oh…an introduction…I’m Carissa Crimson, self-proclaimed SL Fashion Junkie and shopping addict. Most friends fondly call me CC, but I’ll answer to Carissa, Cari, Crim…and I’m probably one of the most helpful people you’ll meet on the grid.

I love to shop, and (Linden balance allowing) I’ve been known to sim hop for hours ‘oooh’-ing and ‘ahhh’-ing and gleefully scooping up all the lovely, yummy goodies I come across. As a Fashion Writer for the Metaverse Messenger, I’ve been able to share informative articles about some of the interesting stuff I’ve discovered on my shopping adventures, but I’m ECSTATIC to have a more informal outlet to blog all the fashion I get so excited about right away.

I’ve been interested in the fashion aspects of SL since I rezzed almost 8 months ago. I did Style Consulting and Personal Shopping for a while, and I still pick up clients occassionally if time permits. Runway modeling is a complete and total rush for me, but assignments are hard to get so I don’t do as much modeling as I’d like. I’m still into the club scene to satisfy my passion for Event and Theme styling, so my inventory is full of fun things like wings and tophats, latex and body oil (don’t ask!).

My personal style isn’t something that I can really categorize. Sometimes I log in and feel a little Glam, sometimes cute and spunky, and sometimes like a Vixen, and I fight with my inventory long enough to mix and match my style to my Mood du jour. My favorite clothing items all have the common characteristics of beautifully detailed textures and simple lines to accomodate my habit of over accessorizing. You may see me in lots of skins (I can’t stop buying them…I need an intervention) but my favorites are the Lovey Darling skins in Chai tone. I love them…they are YUMMY like CANDY…yes they are! Look for an article on the recently released Lovey makups in the upcoming issue of the M2.

The SL Fashion Community is a wonderful group of talented people and I consider it a great priviledge to be a part of. Amazing designers and clever fashionistas that forever show how limitless the possibilities are in the incredible world of Second Life. If you see me on grid, please say “HI”, I love meeting new people, talking about new trends and releases, and rescuing newbies from their default settings. 🙂


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