Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | June 24, 2007

Kitty’s Intro

Ish me

*sneaks in* I’m actually a renegade freelance angel! I normally work/own/pretend to write a magazine called Filth but we don’t do fashion in that, so I snuck my way into the Angels through the most angelic of angels, Madison (who is underneath me, as always). I also take photies and viddys, you can see these umm wherever the hell they are!

When it comes to fashion I’m ridiculously fussy, nothing non prim ever goes on me feet, same with me noggin (british term, means head). I change my entire outlook on outfits on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Occasionally I drift into upwardly mobile type funkness, sometimes freaky kookiness. I love (and own the copyright on) gunslut chic. Gritty is good, but FAR too many people are doing it nowadays, so I’m leading a turn towards harijuku hopefully!

If I had to give shout outs to designers it would have to be Kin Keiko, Etain Peregrine (Lilith boots, say no more), Fade Dana, Trinitee Trillam, Kaysha Sion ummm oh and Santana Lumiere and Starley Therian for making sezzy skinness.

If anyone cared in the above piccy I’m wearing the green SOS dress from Karamia, Lilith boots in white, Sera hair (slightly modded) by Kin, Nea-ban studious glasses, ummm necklace is shiny things and the gloves are Skanks ‘r’ us.

And that’s me!



  1. LOL I LOVE this!

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