Posted by: Sammie | June 24, 2007

Meet Sansarya Caligari


So I was standing in a store one day, a rather new one that Katt Kongo told me about, and suddenly, there was The Designer! I was thrilled beyond belief to see her there. The lovely, the famous, Ginny Talamasca! THE Ginny who slyly “talked” me into packing away my grungy freebie jeans and slipping into a key lime green skirt with her fabulous designs. Ginny had just expanded her first Dazzle store and was releasing about one new thing a day. And there I was, just in time to grab the latest release BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!!!

“Do I get to be the first one to buy this bit of loveliness?” I asked. “I believe so! *wink*,” she answered. And while it wasn’t the start of my fashion addiction, it definitely was the start of my Fashionista career. 🙂 The rest is history!

And my favorite thing about fashion in SL is that it just keeps getting BETTER! Believe me, two years ago I turned over my credit card to Linden Lab with a certain amount of trepidation, and today I can attest that virtual fashion is entrancing, liberating, exciting, overwhelming, and sooo worth it. Think of the horrible Monday you just had at work…and then imagine buying that wonderful new Ivalde or a fantastically outrageous Sixx Kennedy hairstyle. Transformation in minutes. Suddenly it is a wonderful Monday! Swirl around in that poofy skirt, pose like a sleek, leather-bound cat in front of a Dominus Shadow, drape your body in diamonds and gold from Random Calliope or just slip into a gorgeous new Celestial Studios skin. Transformation! That’s what I love about Second Life fashion, and that’s what I’m going to be writing about!

Hi fashionistas, I’m Sans and I’m addicted to fashion!



  1. We want PICS! 😉 Hugs, Sans…it’s an honor being a part of this with ya!

  2. Back atcha, Q! And Carissa and Madi and Kitty! I have a new computer, but no photo editing software, so the pic will have to wait for P2 to feel better. 😦

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