Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | June 24, 2007

Queenie’s Intro


Eager to start on actual fashion posts, I figured it’s only proper to post my introduction first.  While I may be a new addition to the Metaverse Messenger, I am not so new to fashion blogging.  I have run my own blog since June of 2005, that more or less transformed into a fashion blog over a short period of time.

I’m coming up on my Third SL Rezzabirthary, July 3rd to be exact, and my love and adoration for fashion in SL has only grown stronger with each year.  I have modeled for several agencies and designers for the past 2+ years, and even contemplated “retirement” from runway work here and there, but I just enjoy it too much even if I don’t get to do it as often as I used to.

I also don’t get to blog as much as I used to which is why I was so attracted to the idea of hooking up with the other amazing Angels here on the M2 Fashion Heaven blog. 

Though I tend to lean towards a rocker/biker/lil bit o’ goth/wildchild look, you will soon find out that I appreciate a multitude of styles and tend to be a bit schizophrenic in my daily appearance.  Sometimes, though rarely, you may even spot me wearing a hint of pink 😉

Aside from my fashion obsession, I am a rock and metal DJ who is currently on hiatus due to bandwidth and early bedtimes LOL.  I was co-founder, co-owner, lead manager and DJ with RockNGames Radio which we started back in September of 2004.  We have gone through a small, but all very special, handful of “homebases” over the past 3 years and have been the main station for Lil SLurgis, a biker’s haven, since this past November.

I’m looking forward to watching our Fashion Heaven blog and grow and I will readily accept comments and suggestions on how we can make it better, what you like or don’t like, what you’d like to see more of, designer/store suggestions and more!




  1. Dang Q! You beat me to the first intro. 🙂

    How excited are we about our BLOG!?

  2. Q!! Thank you for your lovely work on creating this lovely layout and getting us moving. You are the best 🙂


  3. Happy to be up and running! Was a wonderful surprise to come home tonight and see your intro’s posted as well 😀

  4. I want that hair!!! :argh:

  5. So do I! However it does not exist…thank you Photoshop–Clone Stamp for teh win!
    The closest I know if would be “Amy” by Calico Ingmann of Calico Creations 🙂 Also, for a similar flowing look, check out Analog Dog and ouch I JUST logged outta SL, I THINK her name is Analog Queue.

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