Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | June 25, 2007


I really do hate to say I told you so but…..


Harajuku is so going to be the next BIG thing, and just to prove me right comes Noam Sprocket of Gritty Kitty fame with a whole collection of funky japanliscious gear.

Although one major bummer (not including prim count for those that give a damn) is that if you’re a scrawny lil waif like me it takes a masters degree in building to fit it (I LOVE being Tiernan Serpentine’s wife *giggles*). Also in the video is the new Kin hair and the leg warmers and sextastic ‘kini top also by Gritty Kitty.

In other excitement, I’d like to drag you all kicking and screaming into mens hair, yes I know men have had the short end of the stick for a loooooong time (forcing many of them to go female in despair hehe) but it’s all coming up peachy for them now, so it’s time to march our curvy female parts in there and steal it from under their feet! New (ish) in at Naughty is ‘The Ousider’ with a hairline to die for.
Mens hair

And as you can see it doesn’t make you look butch, merely sezzy tomboy, plus you get a whole bus load of new styles to get through! YAY!

Much Love




  1. He He!! My article coming out tomorrow is on Men’s hair Kitty! No need to drag me…I’m standing right there beside you…singing Koombaya or some such silliness.

  2. What a wild post! Love it, Kitty 😀
    And as an avie who enjoys short hair at times, you’ve inspired me to go check out the demo.

  3. Kitty, you rock my world! Lovve gimme gimme gimme!

  4. Woot Carissa, I’ll bring the marshmallows,

    Queenie – There are loads in Naughty especially that go nicely on women

    Serenity – Aww thank you babes!

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