Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | June 26, 2007

But why is the rum gone?

Pirate frenzy abounds and who better to put her own spin on the trend than the legendary Nephilaine Protagonist of PixelDolls.  A collection of four outfits, each availble in four colors, and sold in a multitude of options, including packs and separates for happy shopping freedom. 

If you’re destined to walk the plank, do it in style with “Matilin.”  With it’s slightly ragged damsel-in-distress look, it’s perfectly complemented by a sexy side-slit mini and Neph’s use of both sculpted and flexi prims on the sleeves bring Matilin to life.


Next up is “Drifter” looking innocent enough at first glance with a modest knee-length skirt, but with a bodice and top worthy of a true pirate wench.  Again, Neph adds the perfect finish with the sculpted/flexi sleeves.


So, which one do you think took the rum?  😉

Be sure to take a look at the PixelDolls site to see the other two releases, “Marzipan” and “Bonney,” as well as the color combos and purchase options for all four, where Neph also hints at the possibility of expanding this into it’s own line!


  • Hair-Coriander by Tigerlily Koi of Calla; Azalea by Tigerlily Koi of Calla
  • Skin-Zoe skin in Metallic Plum/Sapphire by Ambyance2 Anubis of Naughty
  • Clothes-Matilin Dress in brown by Nephilaine Protagonist of Pixel Dolls; Drifter Dress in red by Nephilaine Protagonist
  • Shoes-Wrapped Stiletto Boots in black by Fallingwater Celladoor of Shiny Things; Calf Boots in black by Elikapeka Turamisu of ETD
  • Accessories-Boho Necklace in black & silver by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones Boutique, Leather Ring Wristbands in blac by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD; Divinity Garnet by Astry Mirabeau of Digital Knickers


Edited on 6/28 to correct the names of the outfits…I had ’em switched!  Thanks to Amelia over at SL Fashion Notices for pointing this out 😉



  1. Q – I don’t know if I should be thoroughly impressed with the lightning speed with which you posted this or CRY because I wanted too, hehe! Beautiful as always 🙂


  2. LOL Maddy, don’t worry…it was ONLY because my car broke down and I couldn’t get to work this morning…lightning speed will definitely not be my norm 😉


  3. […] not me. (Waits for everyone to recover from their fake heart attacks.) Matilin is covered at Fashion Heaven but she mixed the names […]

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