Posted by: Carissa Crimson | June 27, 2007

Big Bouncy Beautiful Hair

I love when Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog releases new hair. I get all excited and tingly slipping into the demos and then strutting around as I stare fascinated at the silky tresses flowing behind me. In the past couple of weeks, Queue has been a busy lil’ bee…erm I mean mermaid…wrangling prims into a few new styles and adding an interesting “twist” to the textures.

 * Still photos really don’t do this hair justice, but after 6 hours of trudging my way though trying to make a machinima last night and into the wee hours of the morning…I gave up. Luckily our renegade angel, Kitty Lalonde, has come to my rescue with a vid making tutorial and I promise to get this blog entry updated tonight with a bit of an Analog Dog Movement Montage*

LEXI in Brown Sugar
Analog Dog Lexi

CRIMPED flexi curls! piled high on the head with loose sexy crimped tendrils cascading down to frame the face and add movement at the back. Casual or formal. I usually don’t wear the detachable bangs with my Analog hair, but I had to show off these fab twisted wisps. *She’s Goddess…yeah baby she’s GODDESS…I’m your Venus…* (ok ok I’ll stop singing, you can uncover your ears now)

JOANNA in Brown
Analog Dog Joanna

SPIRAL CURLS!! Remember that lucky girl with the good hair genes who made the spiral perm look SO COOL? Well guess what…now I can have perfectly gorgeous shiny twisty curls too! Joanna is boxed with the detachable ’11am bang’, but as I mentioned before I love having this hair pulled away from my face to place all the attention on the ginormous mass of prim loveliness rippling behind me.

ANISA in Black
Analog Dog Anisa

FLEXI PIG TAILS!!! oooo ooo oooOOO!! I love me some Pig tails! I can’t help it…they’re sweet as candy, a yummy swishing pair of confectionary goodness. I realize that this variety of swinging ponies gathered high on the head may seem a bit baby-girly, but I AM a babygirl and they just scream sezziness.

Now..why are you still reading? Go get demos and check out the way this hair MOVES!!

 Credits: Skin by Naughty, Earrings by Canimal (update group freebies), Tube Top by Wrong, Bracelets by /artilleri/, capri jeans by LF Fashion


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