Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | June 27, 2007

RAWR Tank Girls!!

Tank girl is a fookin awesome film, and full of fashion craziness. So me and my partner in crime, Tiernan Serpentine, set out on a rampaging adventure.


So here’s the vid…..

Sheesh, that was fun hehe. Although now to break it down into the clothes.

Well we’ll start with Tie, from head to toe, in the first half of the vid she was wearing SaD-SacK! hat by Fade Dana.

The hair bangs were from Lost

The collar was the Dual-Compat Stitched TriloCollar from Trilobite

The outfit was Rags from the mens section of Last Call

The belt was the Roboto belt from Gritty Kitty

RaGe Gloves were from Krius Misfit at Sinistyle

Boots were the “Bad Boy Scout” boots – (female version) from CIVVIES

The tattoo was Sakura from the Ink’d studio (owned by the gorgeous love muffin that is Laylah Mistral)

In the second half (from the bit on the bridge) Tie was wearing

Ducan hair from Kin in blonde

RECYCLED jewelry – black armbands from Fallingwater Cellador’s Shiny Things

The trashy yet regal outfit was the Junkyard Queen Set from Soap

Sophistitwisted cocktail hat from Kyoot

The skin Tie wore throughout the shoot was NST Hybrid II: Vestal from Nevermore Studios, by Santana Lumiere

Bugger this is going to be a long post….

Ok, onto me now, in the first half it was

Skirt – Raggy Ass and the FraG HeaD helmet, both by the spectacularly awesome Fade Dana

Top – Grease Monkey – Renegade
Raggy ass garter and stockings – Govindira Galatea
Boots – Combat boots dirty – Boneflower designs
Gloves – Jolly roger gloves – Skanks R us
Upper arm bands – Lilith – Etain Peregrine
Collar – Pierce womens collar – Lyra Muse – Last call
hair – Eiko – Deviant Kitties
cigerette FNKY
tattoo – Biomech – Laylah Mistral – Ink’d

And in the second half the only changes were…

Orange striped leggings – renegade
Pants – Post apoc pants – Section 9
top – gauzed binding – Winter Moon
hat and goggles – SpuTniK TiN HeaD – Fade Dana (Did I already mention I love her?)

Throughout the shoot I was wearing the old CS Vogue skin that YOU can’t GET anymore so nyer!

Also massive props have to be given to Loch Newchurch, owner of Soap (go and buy the trenchcoat, it’s dribble worthy) who gave us the hiliariously funny Tank Girl Tank (it shoots beer cans hehe) and to Barry Wiranata who let us drape ourselves over his lovely bike (up for sale soon at his shop Mutant Killbilly Deathsquad) for the shoot.

And I think that’s it, if I missed anything leave a comment I’m off to pelt Tie with beercans



  1. kitty kookie kitty she just the girl (unh unh) you want!!

  2. Shot entirely in The Wastelands 😉
    nice work.

  3. Oooo yes it was shot entirely in the wasteland, which is the best place to go for all your tank girl chic, thank you spider!
    Thank you Serenity, I’m going to have to work pretty hard to get that song out of my head hehe!

  4. Awesome work! *thumbs up*

  5. Love, Love, Love the video! All the fashion was crazy beautiful. You girls look like a bunch of fun and cant wait to keep reading 😉

  6. oh yea, I forgot quick question what dances are those?

  7. Excellent! Whooohooo! (clapping loudly) I’m loving these fashion videos, keep em coming! 😀

  8. Yay – I got blawged! I’m special AND popular!

    *Nakked dances*

    Added you guys to my blogroll. ^^

  9. Sheesh, I forgot everything hehe, the dances are from Sinewave….
    Anything else hehe?
    Oh yeah… *snuggles laylah* Your tattoos pwn!!

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