Posted by: Carissa Crimson | June 28, 2007

Movement Montage…as promised!

Better late than never right? I promised an Analog Dog Hair Movement Montage would be posted last night. I’m a lil late, but I blame the fact that the built in SL video capture utility sucks big bananas!

By the way, FRAPS rocks my SOCKS! *hehe*




    You “Rock my socks” babes…

    *wanders off to the job centre to look for work*

  2. oh pu- leaze!!! you are still the machinima GODDESS!

  3. Carissa…you made the first hair in this a film an absolute NEED for me! I love Analog’s styles, but I can’t pull them off nearly as well as some of you guys do. I think I can pull off the first one though…we’ll see!

    And grats on the first movie! I have a hard enough time getting a pic together…maybe someday 😉


  4. Beautiful hair! Does anyone know where I can find that the dance Anisa is doing? Thanks.

  5. The dance is from Sine Wave Sommerland. =)

  6. ~Thank you~

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