Posted by: Sammie | June 28, 2007

Sea Nymph

ocean queen_008

Originally uploaded by Sansarya Caligari
Ginny Talamasca of Last Call has done it again, this time with the help of master hair designer, Elikapeka Tiramisu.

The Sea Nymph Limited Edition clothing and ETD’s limited edition Sea Nymph hairstyle were released just this morning to a packed sim, with more fashionistas begging to get in. Within fifteen minutes of the Magic Wall of Seashells’ appearance (all the outfits were packed into oyster shells with pearls inside) all 34 of the first release were sold out.

The rest of the Last Call LE collection is being released as I type this, but luckily the Sea Nymph hairstyle created by Elika will be available until July 31. Both the clothing collection and the hair style are absolutely beyond-your-dreams fabulous!

Forty-eight pieces are included in the Sea Nymph outfit, including a sceptre and a crown and bazillions of options for skirts and cloaks and bikinis. Fourteen custom-made, limited-to-this-hairstyle-only textures are available for the Sea Nymph hair style, which comes in two styles, Sea Nymph and Sea Nymph II. Elika said in her blog, “Limited Edition hair textures were made for this hairstyle (to coordinate with Ginny’s FABULOUS designs) and will ONLY be available for this hairstyle.”

I snapped a few quick pictures in the surf near my home–okay, so I used my next door neighbor’s waves as a backdrop–to give you a look-see at this very versatile fantasy outfit from Ginny.

In the picture I’m wearing one of the layer options for the Sea Nymph, which is a sort of lacy bikini in a color Ginny calls “Tide”, with a matching ankle length flexi cape. The bikini texture appears to be foam from the surf, dripping off the body, though of course it’s much more symmetrical than that. The hair is the coral Sea Nymph from Elika, a color I completely adore, and the skin is Celestial Studios Spring Fresh in Pure.

Although the edition was extremely small, and not everyone gets excited about a limited edition, the quality of Ginny’s and Elika’s work shines through so clearly. The textures on the skirts, the skillful blending of prims and textures and alphas on the hair, and the perfect melding of colors and vision show these two are a team who have really mastered the Second Life tools and who know their customer-bases well.

In my opinion, they have surpassed that point where they are merely designers and reached the pinnacle of being Master’s of their Art. This set is a collector’s piece. The limited edition of these two designers is obviously NOT about selling product–obviously they could sell a gazillion of these outfits and hairstyles at any price–but it is about expressing their collective vision. From the creative oyster shell and pearl packaging to the thoughtful sea-inspired colors and the careful cuts of clothing and textures, the sun-drenched, beach-y hair style that screams of Aphrodite rising from the sea…the teamwork and attention to detail of Elikapeka Tiramisu and Ginny Talamasca is a winner!

More pics:

ocean queen_002

Wearing Sea Nymph foil bikini, cape in coral, crown and Nightelf Skin from Panjen. Hair is ETD Sea Nymph, Abyss Sea Orchid.

ocean queen_017

Wearing Sea Nymph coral bodice, shirt, open pants, open skirt and cape, with crown. Hair is ETD Sea Nymph in Sand Sea Orchid. Skin is Celestial Studios Vogue Spring Fresh in Pure.


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