Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | June 30, 2007

Trouble and Romance

Though I tend to be a bit of a wild child, I just have to share a couple recent releases from some of my favorite dressmakers.

I’ve got “Trouble” on my mind

Brand spankin’ new today from Rebel Hope of Rebel Hope Designs.  Everything you need in one purchase with this sultry set which includes the top, prim flexi gown, pants and even shoes!  This is the perfect gown for your next black-tie affair and hats off to Reb for the exceptional placement of the buckles that for me adds just the edge I look for when I have to get dressed up, making the ordeal for me a lot less painful 😉 

I wanted some silver jewelry to accompany this so I went over to Solange! with the idea of getting pieces from her Peacock set in silver (I have the gold and love it!), but when I rezzed it was her more recent Kadin set that caught my eye.   Rounding out this ensemble is the Zoe skin by Ambyance2 Anubis of Naughty and the “Carmina” hair by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD.

In the mood for a little “Romance” 

Just a few weeks back Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions showed us her take on “Romance”.  Stunning texture and prim work as usual, and an array of yummy colors which you can see on her blog.  I do stink at matching up footwear and don’t own nearly enough shoes in SL…boots, yes; shoes, no.  I couldn’t find anything in my inventory that I liked with this outfit, so I headed over to Shiny Things.  These ballet flats looked adorable, and while I do love them, I don’t think they were the greatest outfit/shoe match I have put together in my life.  I thought if I got them in white that it would be TOO much white.  But the pic was already done, so c’est la vie LOL 

But back to the outfit.  Solange pays such wonderful attention to detail even in the texture and transparency of the glitch pants.  “Romance”, shown here in white, makes me feel like a true Fashion Angel 🙂  I honestly don’t know if I like the short or the long skirt better as they are both so superbly done.  Other credits: Zoe skin (same as above) and ETD limited “Sea Nymph” hair in Sea Drift (expect to see me in Sea Nymph I and II a LOT…I don’t ever wanna take them off my head!)


Drifting off for a little trouble and romance in real life…




  1. You are back! 😀

    Lovely outfits, as usual!

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