Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | July 1, 2007

It’s all about the accessories!

Ooo another vid huzzah!

I think the video more than speaks for itself so here’s the rundown

FNKY Cuffs in Black

Recycled Jewellry from Shiny Things

Patterns Scarf from Gritty Kitty

Lilith Belts (black) from Dark Eden

Bucket Bag (red) also by Shiny Things

Strung Leather Belt again from Shiny Things (Fallingwaters biggest fan here!)

Fruxi Backpack (dark) by L&F

Pink Leopard belt by Versteck

Nested Love by Prim Sinners

Lilium by Artilleri (colour changing… yum)

Umm something went wrong at the end there


Lots of love!




  1. Fantastic! Way to go, Kitty!

  2. *fans self*
    *bows down to Kitty the vid goddess*


  3. You naughty girl!

    *confiscates Kitty’s halo and hands her a set of horns*

  4. Sexeh Kitteh! You wicked thing! But just remembeh, take away all those accessories, you just another skinned cat 😉

  5. Holy cat litter! That rocked!

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