Posted by: Sammie | July 1, 2007

Kimono-ver to Ookami Ningen

Originally uploaded by Sansarya Caligari
Zorena Deckard has been tickling my fancy with her wonderful designs for a few months now, all of them period pieces designed for the avatar who wants to assert an identity other than “club goer”.

Her releases of Dashing Cossack and Chic Cossack were huge hits among the role playing set, and for good reason–her textures and loyalty to a specific time period is outstanding.

I missed seeing this specific design though, and if Vivianne Draper hadn’t dropped it on me, I would be a sad puppy because the Blossom Kimonos are fabulous!

Four different colors/flower themes of the Blossom Kimonos are available: Rose, Lily, Peony and Sakura. All of them are delicious, and they come with all the little extras that make this such a jewel of a purchase. The set includes top, skirt, glitch pants, tabi socks, zori sandals and base, a set of two flexible sode (sleeves), two styles of obi, and a flexible kanzashi, which is a hair ornament.

What I love best about this dress is its LUMINOSITY. The colors just seem to glow, as you can see by the pictures, and it is one of the rare designs I’ve seen in world that have that quality.

“Yeah,” you say, “but where am I going to wear this?” I tested that question out last night by attending a bonfire at Phreak Isle followed by an orgy at my friend Wilde’s island (no, I’m not weird, all my friend were there and we had tea around the bonfire *smiles*). Dancing is great with this because of the flexi obi sash and the bell-like flexi on the kanzashi. It also gave me a role playing opportunity to pass out tea to my fellow campers, which they loved.

“But I’m not Japanese, and I don’t have any Japanese skins or hair,” you say. Well, I wore this with my Sin Skins Stratus Violet Simple with freckles and Celestial Studios Deco hair in Java because I wanted to also test people’s reactions to a westerner wearing a traditional kimono. My friends loved this outfit, I got compliments all evening.

Go, hurry, buy this wonderful outfit and surprise your friends with your style and glamor!

Ookami Ningen is located in Crimson, and Zorena Deckard, please keep designing such wonderful fun stuff!

Detail pictures:

Blossom Kimono

Blossom Kimono from Ookami Ningen

Close up of hair ornament


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