Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 1, 2007

Runway Dreams

When I was in maitreya on Friday night, shopping for boots and wrap tops and the sexiest strappy heels ever, I noticed that the shop was home to not only Onyx LeShelle’s shoe and garment fantastical creations, but also to her partner Beauvoir Rousselot’s walking, standing, and posing animations.

 When I did runway, I turned the grid upside down looking for a walk that would set me apart from all the other leggy divas on the catwalk and found one categorized as a fashion walk, but alas it made my avi appear more drunk than goddess-like…so I stuck to the ubiquitous sexy walk. I don’t do fashion shows much anymore (thanks M2 and Fashion Heaven blog for keeping me busy) but maitreya’s fluid animations of sassy struts and animated poses inspired a dream…

 *CC tip of the week: If you do any sort of runway…you MUST have these!*

Special thanks to Beauvoir for having the patience and enthusiasm for this project to help me get it filmed. I nominate you for sainthood.



  1. Yay Carissa! Soo sexy! I gotta get me some of those!

  2. Woot! Work it, girl!

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