Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | July 2, 2007

A light in the sky…

Taking a cue (read: shove LOL) from my sistah angels here at Fashion Heaven, I decided to see what this video stuff was all about and if I could figure it out without tossing my PC out the window.  While there is no animation or bells & whistles, this is my very first attempt at this as I was getting a feel for the ins and outs of the software so it’s pretty basic.

Special thanks to DoC Eldritch of DE Designs for letting me use his latest release, “Legadema,” as the subject.  Be sure your sound is on.

Because the clip lacks in sharpness (I’m so totally greener than green at this and open to suggestions…we tried changing image sizes, aspect ratios, upload qualities, etc), here is a photo of myself in Legadema-Antique.  For a glimpse of the other outfits as they really are, please visit DoC’s site or store

blog_Legadema_draft 2

This gorgeous Gothic Victorian ensemble is available either separately in 3 colors for the ladies or a discounted Buy Two, Get One Free pack.  Sculptie shoulder sleeves and bustle (optional) and flexi dress, as well as a pants option. And for the GUYS… o.0…you lucky dawgs get the very regal manly match all in one set with the 3 vest colors! 

Legadema is yet another masterpiece by DoC Eldritch, right down to the hand-drawn background ad, and as usual I am at a loss for words to describe the incredible detail and passion that goes into his creations.  All I can say: Wear it and feel it.


  • Hair: Sea Nymph II in Abyss by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD
  • Shoes: Calf Boots in black by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD
  • Skin: Zoe by Ambyance2 Anubis of Naughty
  • Jewelry: pieces from the Peacock set by Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions




  1. woo hoo!!!! Go Q!!!

  2. gorgeous Q!

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