Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 5, 2007

Maitreya Bloom Boots

Maitreya Boots

Onyx LeShelle has done it again. Just when I thought there could never be a boot I loved more than the knee high suede Dune boots I blogged here, I find these lovelies…the aptly named Bloom boots from maitreya. Now I realize I have blogged alot of maitreya goodies lately, but when a boutique is filled with such incredible stuffies that send me into squeals of delight, can you really blame me?

I mean, come on…Look at them! The arch is perfect, with a simple tapered stilleto that doesn’t distract from the rest of the boot, creating a continuous graceful line from toe to heel. I am in LOVE with the shape. The calf of the boots are sculpted prims with a slouched affect that “blooms” open at mid-calf height. The focus is undeniably the intricately detailed buckled strap. Polished nickel grommets and buckle, and the stitching along the edge of the strap are so realistic I forget these boots are in my Second Life inventory and sadly not in my First Life closet. The texture is a yummy, reach out and stroke me, soft suede available in 7 colors. There is also a “Wide” version available to help accomodate avatars with more muscular legs, and demos to help determine size. GO TRY THEM NOW!!!

Completing the look is the newly released Charm dress from Canimal, which I’m really digging the beaded straps on, but I drove myself crazy adjusting the baby doll skirt to work with my AO, eventually changing the attach point to force the skirt to move appropriately with my torso . (Look for an article in an upcoming issue of the M2 covering prim clothing attach points).

Jewelry is by Shiny Things with the Hippie Deluxe bracelet, and Braid Bracelet and Earrings in brown. Hair is the Naomi in Dirty Burnt by ETD. Skin is Chai Blueberry by Lovey Darling.



  1. After buying for myself, and as I told Onyx in a personal IM, these are the mother of all boots! Coming from someone who will find any way possible to wear a pair of kick ass boots with everything from a bikini to a wedding gown: TRUST ME!
    Test the demos because surprisingly I fit just fine with the “regular” size, even though I am normally a “wide-leg” LOL

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