Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 6, 2007

Karamia releases skins…Take TWO

Instead of shipping out magnifying glasses to the nearly 20,000 readers of the M2 squinting their eyes to see the postage stamp sized photograph accompanying my review of the new Karamia skin, I decided to post a “Take Two” in the fashion blog. That’s what happens in the publishing world, though, folks…I just write and take pretty pictures. I have no control over the editing and the finished product. But I really love this skin and it deserves a proper display.

Karamai Skin

(I encourage you to click the photo to link to an even larger version if you’re curious)

Full article after the cut.

     Sometime in early June, Kara Eagle of Karamia shared a face texture with her friends that she created when she was a “newbie”, and the idea of a new skin line for her shop was born. What started as an experimental project has resulted in an eagerly anticipated release of one of the most beautiful skins I have had the pleasure of slipping into.
     Available in four tones that subtly transition from light to medium, and tan to dark tan, Kara originally planned for ten makeups, but was questioned so often by the infatuated masses that saw early copies of the design, she release the first five completed makeups just to relieve the pressure. I must confess, I fell into the group of enthusiasts the moment I saw Marcelle DeCuir sporting the skin while frolicking on the beach of the artilleri sim several weeks ago.
     Understandably, when I heard rumors of the release on Saturday, I was off to investigate and made my purchase while Kara was still working on her vendor boards. She was kind enough to take the time to talk about the whirlwind release how she feels about her design.
     I always find it interesting when clothing designers create skin or vice versa, so I was curious how similar the design process is. Kara revealed that she actually finds skin design easier because it allows her to paint right on the template without having to deal with alpha and such. She went on to explain that even the seams are a little easier to do, excluding the belly and the pants, and admits that it didn’t take very long to create the skin itself.
     The face is the most important element to Kara, and the area she spent the most time on. In my opinion, the attention was well worth it. The five makeup options are all distinctly different and completely beautiful, but the underlying facial detail glows with a softness and innocence that is just simply irresistible and serves as the perfect palette for the stunning artistry of eye shadows and liners and lipsticks and glosses.
     The Indie is all about drama with cherry red lips and smoky eyes. Marcelle features eyes accented in peacock pretty green, gold, and aqua with lips barely swiped in peachy gloss. Sandflower, my favorite as well as Kara’s, is soft and natural with neutral eyes and a hint of shell pink gloss. Charlize is the bronzed beauty, and the shimmering metallic affect of the shadow and lipstick is amazing. Cateye seems to be a tribute to the soft Sandflower makeup with a twist: thick 60’s inspired black liquid liner.
     The skin tones themselves are a marvel all on their own. Typically I favor tones in the mid range and avoid the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum, but all of the Karamia tones are lovely and cause agonizing indecision. Each is highlighted perfectly in all the right places, from the nose and cheek bones down to the breasts and stomach, and along the spine to the entirely edible booty. The shading is soft and blended, effectively creating a lithe and toned body that is divine.
     Stop by Karamia at [Random Industries] in Louise (39, 99, 652) and slip into all the demos. Skins are 900L for individuals and 4000L for the five makeup fatpacks.


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