Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 7, 2007

Mad 4 Bags


0001picard Piek dropped some bags on me this morning, and I just saw a FashCon notice of the Picard store opening in the JD Mills Mall, so i wanted to give you all a sneak peek.

Overall the bags are really cute, shown left to right, the Dance Bronze Crocodile, the Tibet Orange Crocodile, the Olga Lilac Textile, and the Ontario Zebra Fur which is appropriate as a messenger bag for males and females. The handbags all have menu driven stand animations and all appear to be a combination of hand drawn and photo sourced textures. I really admire the prim work, especially the sweet zipper tab pull on the zebra bag.

 I can tell that Picard has put alot of thought into the branding with the bags, as each feature the signature “P” logo charm. The bags also emit a poof of “P”s when clicked, and the zebra bag emits a roar, which honestly isn’t my thing but may appeal to some. Deleting the script from contents will quiet the poofing and roaring, but will also remove the animation overrides, and because they are no mod, you can’t put them back. (Do I sound like someone who knows this from experience? *grin*)

I’m also wearing the navy Picard complimentary tank “Legal Drug” that is included with every purchase, paired with high waisted sailor capris from G.L.A.M. and Tea Sun Glasses from Nylon Outfitters. Hair is the Paris by Naughty Designs, skin is Lovey Darling’s Chai Blueberry.



  1. /me drools over the olga lilac textile bag….

    CC, has anyone told you resemble Paris Hilton? No – wait! Paris might get upset with you stealing her image….

    /me sighs and grins evilly. You look awesome dahling!!

  2. EEK!!

    *rushes to change her look IMMEDIATELY*

    How DARE you compare me to that Jailbird Hussy!!

    it’s the HAIR i swear…funny I get Jessica Simpson IRL which also drive me bonkers.

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