Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 8, 2007

New Formals from DE Designs

DoC Eldritch of DE Designs hasn’t released a women’s formal in nearly six months. I think the new Whispers gowns have truly been worth waiting for. Both gowns feature a detachable sculpted prim draped bustle which effectively creates a more slender silhouette.

Whispers Cynthia
DE Whispers Cynthia

The Cynthia gown is an ivory silk damask with gold leaf embroidery along the hem. The material of the bodice is gathered and adds a gorgeous dimension. The plunging neckline reveals the perfect amount of cleavage, and the back design really puts the shoulders on display.

The flexi skirt moves beautifully, and the slightly inverted hemline, which is a bit higher in the front than in the back, strikes a lovely balance.

I am in awe of the texture detailing and the unique silhouette.

Whispers Sharee
DE Whispers Sharee

The Sharee gown shares the same fantastic shape as Cynthia in a silky bronze fabric with embellishments along the hem as well as the waistline of the the midriff baring dress. The Sharee is quite a bit more revealing, with the criss crossed bands of the bodice exposing the bottom portion of cleavage as well as the full midriff. This gown is definitely not for anyone who intends to fade into the crowd, because its sensuality commands the attention of the room.

Photo Credits below the cut


Cynthia: Hair is Bonita II in Dirty by ETD, Skin is Chai Cherry by Lovey’s Boutique, Mama Harper Two Strand Pearl Necklace and Earrings by Random Calliope

Sharee: Hair is Roslin in Ash by ETD, Skin is Chai Ashlin by Lovey’s Boutique, Gold Black Toe Classy Sling Heels by Digital Dragon Designs, Queen Cut Onyx Diamond Bracelets by Whittenton Designs



  1. Wow, Carissa…what beautiful descriptions of two beautiful dresses!


  2. Tyvm for the review! I wish I could write like that !


  3. […] his recent formal line, Whispers.  The first two, “Sharee” and “Cynthia” were so eloquently blogged by our own Carissa Crimson.  The latest, “Colline”, comes in two colors.  Now you have choices to make LOL  The […]

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