Posted by: Sammie | July 9, 2007

Beach Couture

I’ve spent the past several weeks building my swimsuit collection in Second Life. I’ve searched high and low for swimsuits that suit my personality, but that also offer the discriminating avatar a variety of choices as far as beach wear goes.

Because my fellow Angels are way more techie than me, I’ve used a slide show rather than machinima to showcase the styles I chose.

The first swimsuit is Nyte’n’Day’s Festoon Bikini Dots. I love the playful style of this one, and like all Nyte’s clothing, the suit is textured beautifully. Just to be clear, the suit comes only on the underwear layer for those who wear tattoos.

The second in the slides is my own fashion mash up, the Tagged Tank in beige and the Luv Meh Sum Beach bikini bottoms in mauve, both from Sand Shack Surf Co.. Both come on layers, undies and pants for the bottoms; shirt, underwear and jacket for the top.

Third in the lineup is a one piece that I really loved for its cut and style, especially when I’m feeling super-modest. It is also from Sand Shack Surf Co. and is called Rachel One Piece in blue. It also comes on all 3 layers for the top and two for the bottom.

The fourth suit is from A2NZ and is called Vichy Swimsuit in red. Again, a modest cut and really cute fabric make this swimsuit perfect for a day of fun on the beach or by the pool. You can tell the maker took some time with the little folds and wrinkles you see on the texture, and it was also a bargain at its price.

Next up is a leap from beach fun to couture, with Nicky Ree’s Nadia Maillot in a color called Passion. I love this one piece not only because of it’s sleek shine, but the cut is unusual and the watercolor-y texture is just beautiful. This suit also comes on all layers and comes with a skirt, belt on the jacket layer, and two pants options.

The next suit came out ages ago at Last Call, but it couldn’t be overlooked in my inventory when I was in the midst of the photo shoot. This is the Corsica Leather Bikini, and like the Minkini last summer, it stands out as one of THE swimsuits I reach for when I’m in a swimming or sunbathing situation in world.

The luscious color drew me to this next swimsuit from Shai Delacroix at Casa Del Shai, called Hibiscus Bikini in pink. The set comes with a sarong skirt and top as well, so it’s like three or four outfits in one, more resort wear than simple swimsuit.

The next suit is also from Sand Shack Surf Co., and you really have to give kudos to Emma Gilmour for her creativity with beach wear. She’s been making some of my wardrobe favorites this season. The suit is another color of Luv Meh Sum Beach Kini, petal pink, and is actually one of my favorite real life colors for wardrobe also. This suit also is available on multi-layers and the top and bottom are sold separately in 6 colors, great for mix-and-matching your suits.

Next up is a classic black bikini called kelli bikini from /artilleri/. This suit is just heads-up sexeh, no doubt about that. You get eight colors of tops and bottoms on two layers when you buy this beauty, also great for mix and match.

Next is Launa Fauna’s one piece in Bed of Roses red. I love this suit so much! The highlighting and shading are just gorgeous, and it’s shimmery and shadowed in just the right places. There are dozens of styles and colors and patterns of LF Fashion’s bathing suits, I just happened to love the name “Bed of Roses Red”.

The next two photos are of Casa del Shai’s Boheme Bikini in Zebra. This suit is a strapless top and bottom, plus comes with see through beach pants in white that just make this a must-buy. The pants can be worn with other suits as well, but this suit is spectacular for its zebra pattern and the unusual cut, a complete original for Second Life.

The last suit in the lineup is the Antie Kini, again from Sand Shack Surf Co. I brought this one out because of the obvious connection between Emma Gilmour and Antonia Marat at /artilleri/. The suit is named after Antonia, and is in her signature Rockabilly-style, and I thought it was a great tribute for Emma to make toward her friend, Antie. This is a really fun swimsuit, and the top works with jeans or capris as well.

And that wraps up my rather long slide show of beach couture. Hair in the slide show is from Calico Creations, Trinity in Tanned. Skin is the Freebie skin available at Nyte’n’Day on Couture Isle. Poses are available at Luth Brodie’s shop at Lalique Square.



  1. ooo great pics and I love the slideshow! I am jealous that you look so good in Nyte’s skin LOL…love her stuff

  2. Great post! I wish I had given you my stuff sooner. 😦 Maybe next time? The slide show is fab though. I am going to have to use that in my blog!

  3. […] to the post “Beach Couture” from 9 July […]

  4. sans, ty so much for this post! Is that steam I see coming from the back of my ‘puter?

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