Posted by: Serenity Mercier | July 13, 2007

Versteck Revolution

My first machinima video!

Featuring the fashions of Versteck by Cristina Elvehjem.

[splashcast WUEG8755JD]

You can read more about the Versteck Revolution

in the June 26 issue of M2 Metaverse Messenger.

See Serenity’s Blog for more RL & SL fashion and fave music videos.

Detailed Credits

Clothing:Fashion from Versteck: Tops: Acid Tank, Kelt Tank, Orange Tee, Orange Cat Jacket; Dresses: Retskell, Beach, Vashti, Prairie, Silene; all available at Versteck, Barcelona del Oeste (197, 177, 24) or Big O! Mall, Baekje (28, 142, 82). Also: Tristen Jeans from Mischief, Illusion (109, 118, 39); Roxy Jeans from Opium Everyday, Alpha Centauri (217, 7, 27). Accessories: Jewellery: Almost everything available from Shiny Things Shiny Falls (187, 178, 37), Gritty Kitty, Koreshan (62, 21, 24); “Jungle Leather Arm Wrap” from Jungle Voodoo, Desires Island (137, 181, 35). Hats: “One Star” from Gritty Kitty, Koreshan (62, 21, 24). Stockings: “Stripey Stockings” from Wrong, AlterNation (159, 160, 38); “Orchid Stockings” from Cashmere, Barcelona del Oeste (125, 182, 24) Shoes: “Avignon Smoke” and “Summer Sling” from Cybele Pontoppidan at Haute Couture Designs, Dolce Vita (180, 22, 22);  “Boho Sandals” “Laceup Boots” “Flower Biker Boots” from Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (187, 178, 37); “Buckle Boots” from Wrong, AlterNation (159, 160, 38). Hair: “Dare” “Maya II” “Impulse” from Naughty (80, 114, 23) Skin: “Haley” from Naughty (80, 168, 24). Locations: Cantlos Point, Whaleboat Islands; Metaverse Messenger, SL03 PG (163, 108, 255); New Paris (114, 132, 23); Koreshan Pointe Amusement Park, Koreshan (247, 79, 23); Barcelona del Oeste (169, 71, 24); New New York (25, 243, 13); Casablanca (135, 87, 26). 

Video filmed entirely in Second Life using FRAPS video capture software and edited with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. Video production by Serenity Mercier.



  1. Whew! Go Serenity!

    That is an awesome vid! Loving the song and the vid fitted it perfectly!

    You fooking rock babes!

  2. Wow, that was excellent!

  3. YAY Serenity!

    What Kitty said!!


  4. […] was filmed completely in Second Life by Serenity Mercier. Complete credits are given on Fashion Heaven.Barcelona really gets rocked in this video, be sure to watch it. Liam […]

  5. […] For detailed credits on the clothing, accessories, hair, skin and locations used in the video, please see my post in the Fashion Heaven Blog. […]

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