Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | July 14, 2007

Victorian Vogue

I’ve done many a post on my own blog about the unique beauty of Paeoti Pomeray’s designs, and now I get to do my first here at Fashion Heaven.  The latest from Nymphetamine Boutique, recently relocated to it’s own sim of the Isle of Nymphetamine which in itself is must-see, are featured below.

Paeoti has a knack for combining playful and sexy with elegance.  She can add frills and lace to leather and goth…the perfect match for us angels with slightly crooked halos 😉   Her creations are never simple or thrown together and her attention to detail is obvious.

Starting off with Dark Victorian Nights, a shining example of her talent with formals.  With many formal dresses one feels like they need an occasion in order to wear them.  With Paeoti’s formals however, I can’t help but get myself all done up and prance about everywhere…no occasion necessary.   It is available in black (shown) or red, the prim sleeves are optional as the dress still looks gorgeous without.


Once you’re done prancing in public, Pae gives us a matching lingerie set (sold separately) for prancing with your lover.  Also available in black or red and includes fishnet stockings (not shown because I wanted to wear these delicious Over Knee boots by Armin Wiefel of the Drawmachine, which come with their own stockings as seen below).


Now for something that reminded me a bit of the St. Pauli Girl ads.  How’d you like to be served a frosty one from a cute barmaid wearing Baby Blues?  Again, Pae’s attention to detail shines through as we all know that matching up those laces on the hips so perfectly had to be a bit nerve-wracking.


And in pure Nymphetamine fashion, a risque’ little number by the name of Daria. A variation on the skirt from Baby Blues with flexi-prim hip ties added, this one might be a little more dangerous to wear while serving the patrons.  As with Baby Blues, Paeoti includes panties with Daria that are separate from the “pants” worn under the skirts if some naughty bloke does decide to tug at your strings. 


All of these outfits from Nymphetamine Boutique are No Transfer and the prims are flexi as well as modifiable for the perfect fit.

Click for credits:

Skin: Chai-Ashlin by Lovey darling of Lovey’s Boutique; Zoe by Ambyance2 Anubis of Naughty

Hair: Lexi by Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog; Sera by Kin Keiko; Morrigan by Helyanwe Vindaloo of Deviant Kitties; and Sea Nymph II by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD

Shoes: Bloom Boots by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya; Over Knee Boots with stockings by Armin Wiefel of the Drawmachine

Jewelry: Kadin Bracelets and Choker in Solid Silver by Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions; Divinity Garnet choker by Astry Mirabeau of Digital Knickers; Leather Ring Wristband in black by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD 

Tattoo: Asian Tattoo by Carmilla Mirabeau of Isle’s Ink




  1. Those are just stunning. As always, she doesn’t disappoint. They look fantastic on you Queenie, especially that “Sera” hair!

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