Posted by: Madi | July 15, 2007

Bump! Bump! and Correction! Heavenly Wedding

We are excited to share further details and *clarification* about the wedding package for the lucky recipients of the M2 Fashion Angel’s Heavenly Wedding contest! 

The wedding will be held at The Palmer House Hotel on the Magnificent Mile, a brand new luxury hotel by Four Deuces Entertainment, where the winners will receive the hotel’s Premium Package valued at $15,000L.  This will be the inagural wedding for the property and the happy couple will receive custom invitations,  a 2 hour wedding reception, live DJ,  Photographer, and much much more!   If you’ve not been there already, this amazing property is well worth the visit:  The Magnificent Mile 127,195,28.

Be sure to check out next week’s issue for more information on the newly created partnership with Four Deues Entertainment and the M2 Fashion Angels with many more exciting events to be held at the amazing Palmer House Hotel.   

 Happy Couples, it’s not too late!  Get your entries in by 12 midnight SLT on Wednesday, July 18th!   See the original blog post after the cut!



Have you found the partner of your dreams?  Are you considering getting married in August?  If so, the M2 Fashion Angels want to plan your wedding!  You provide the wedding party and guests, we’ll plan the rest!  Each week leading up to the wedding, M2 readers will vote on different items to be provided for the big day – bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, accessories, and more, with the wedding itself taking place at a brand new luxury hotel just opened in SL.

To enter, send a FOLDER titled “M2 Wedding – Your Name” to Carissa Crimson or Madison Donnelly and include a notecard with the following info:

1.  First and last name of both avatars

2.  Who proposed and how?

3.  Why the M2 Angels should choose you!

4.  Snapshot of the happy couple

**Deadline is Midnight SLT Wednesday July 18th.

Rules do apply:

1.  Both avatars must be at least 60 days old

2.  The couple must be available for the wedding itself, which will take place on Saturday August 11th or Sunday August 12th

3.  By entering, both avatars give permission to the M2 to use their likeness in both the newspaper and blog

4.  You agree to wear any all items provided by the M2 or participating vendors

5.  Wedding package will include one wedding gown for the bride, one tuxedo for the groom, up to 3 bridesmaid dresses, up to 3 groomsmen tuxedos, accessories and hair for the bride, flowers for the bride to carry and to decorate the venue, and last but certainly not least, the Premium Wedding Package from the Palmer House Hotel, located on The Magnificent Mile sim and valued at $15,000L.  Additional items may be included at the discrection of the M2 Fashion Angels.



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  2. now we are fussing and now we are fightin. Ruud Orlagh.

  3. oh when i went away for doing my first chrim. Merrill Amram.

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