Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 17, 2007

Lucky Girl

Lucky Dress from Amaretto

Lux Yao from Amaretto sent me this Lucky dress in a lovely emerald green that inspired me to be a little adventurous with my hair color, and the red Ian boycut from [Random] was just the perfect pixie style cut I was looking for. I don’t know what it is with me lately, but I’m completely head over heels for short “made for the boys” hair.

I also had to show you this SKIN. I picked it up yesterday from Mimi Coral of ❤ Cupcakes at 450L for a pack of four eyeshadow colors. That was NOT a typo, these skins are an absolute STEAL. Individual skins are 300L, or you can pick up 9 eyemakeup variations for 1600L. Admittedly, there are two teeny tiny issues with the skin that bug me, but I’m uber persnickety. Unless you like really high arched eyebrows, you’ll need to play with the sliders and make a bald cap just for this skin. Try lowering and flattening the brow for a more subtle affect. The shoulder blades are also slightly closer together than you usually see, but other than that…it’s so soft and pretty and photogenic.

Now, about this dress! Love the color and the sheen of the subtle checkered pattern in the bodice. Love LOVE the gold buckled belt that sits high on the waist. ADORE the asymmetry of the flexi skirt attachment and the overall casual sophistication.

One itty bitty thing worth mentioning…there is an issue with the side seam alignment under the arms, but it’s not like I walk around flailing my hands about for all the grid to scrutinize my pits, so I can totally live with it.

Shoes and accessories from Digital Dragon Designs.


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