Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | July 19, 2007

Skin Flick o.0

Anybody can pull off the hottest new outfits, the sexiest boots (providing they are Mod! *wink*), the greatest prim jewelry; but when it comes to skins it goes beyond just your personal makeup and color preferences.  

An incredible new skin can look killer on one person and be a complete bust on another.  No matter the quality, range of tones, or makeup choices, it’s just a fact of SLife that one size does not fit all.  While I myself have a modest yet decent number of skins in my inventory after 3 years, it’s skin demos that I have by the hundreds.

We all have our favorite outfits and hairstyles that we change on a regular basis, but in a lot of cases the skin you choose becomes a large part of who you are.  Or at least until the next skin you fall in love with on yourself comes out 😉

Some of your whacky Fashion Angels got together one afternoon to have some fun and show you just how much of a difference skins can make on each avie. 

So the moral for us all, however especially for new SL residents, is that it might not be that you need to change your appearance sliders, you might just need to find the skin that complements you best.  Take your time, explore the grid, read the fashion blogs and new products forums, ASK–most people are flattered and happy to help and pass out landmarks, store names, etc.

Try skin demo’s on with different hairstyles.  I have hairstyles that I love with some skins, hate with others as well as skins that I hate with some hairs and adore with the rest.  You may find that an older, once must-have hairstyle that’s been buried and neglected in your inventory actually comes to life with a totally different skin. 

If there is a skin you just cannot resist, consider making a separate shape for that skin.  Some of us (yes, myself included) can’t bear the thought of changing appearance sliders-we are who we are, period; but if you are the adventurous type and not too attached, then why not experiment?

Got more skin tips?  Share them by leaving a comment 🙂

Credits, including skins shown in the video, after the cut…

Carissa Crimson:


  • Lovey Boutique-Chai Peach
  • Nylon Outfitters-Pearl Black
  • Karamia-Medium Sandflower
  • Naughty-Alina Vintage Dangerous Eyes

Everything else

  • Swimsuit: Surf Shack Co. Luv Meh Sum Beach Kini Pink
  • Shoes: Shiny Things Wood Wedge Platform Fruit Punch/Tan
  • Hair: ETD Bonita II in Ash

Queenie Extraordinaire:


  • Naughty-Zoe Original Metallic Plum/Sapphire
  • Nevermore-Hybrid II Enchanted Face #11
  • Nomine-Dark Fawn Vamp in Brown
  • Sin Skins-Fierce Phoenix Sol

Everything else

  • Swimsuit: DE Designs DEkini Carribean Flame
  • Shoes: Maitreya’s Bloom Boots in Black
  • Hair: ETD’s Sea Nymph II in Abyss
  • Accessories: ETD’s Leather Ring Writstbands in black

Serenity Mercier:


  • Haley Skin 02 from Naughty
  • Haley Skin  Blue Sky/Buff from Naughty
  • Aether  Wisteria from Nomine
  • Skin 2.0 Rose from Opium Skin 2.0

Everything else

  • Swimsuit: Bandana String Bikini (Lagoon) from Butterfly Island
  • Hair: Naughty’s Impulse
  • Accessories: Winter Leaf necklace, armband and anklet from Shiny Things

Kitty Lalonde:


  • CS Vogue Skin-Light Slate (freckled)
  • Artilleri-Lily Angel (light)
  • Nevermore-Hybrid II Spritely Face #19
  • ND Alina-Ebony “Bare lips low gloss”

Everything else

  • Swimsuit: WRONG Striped Bikini in green
  • Hair: Kin Keiko-Amunet in Flame Red
  • Shoes: Shiny Things-Cool Summer Wedges

Video filmed by Kitty Lalonde.




  1. Cute video girls!

    Where did you find those dance animations you’re using?

  2. Thank you, Candy!
    We were all on one of the other girls dance thingamajigs so I can’t say for sure, but upon review it looks like the majority were from Sine Wave, and the rest are some older dances, possibly from Anomations.

  3. Nice!! 🙂 I heart the vid, and whoever spliced it did an excellent job – has a real ear/eye for coordination between music and video clips!

  4. check out demos in ALL world lighting sunset sunrise etc , also gather up some of your favourite plunging tops and other mini clothing as you can end up devastated that a gown you love or something else wont be able to be worn because of placement of your private parts.

    one designer skin range has over sized nipples and didnt pay it any mind when looking at the skin in undies and naked at home for demos and bought it only to find out that there was so much i owned and went on to buy that i couldnt wear because of that i got it for the face and it ended up costing me , so now I dont wear it at all and its not something you should HAVE to think about but you do .

    Also on the subject of shapes and I have said this before but I made mine so its kind of moot , but people that sell them …consider getting demos of at least 4 popular skin makers and taking pics of the shape with all skins and let the buyer knwo what skins they are ….if a shape looks fab with skin one and two and that person is looking for both things then you not only make your lindens but cross promote other stores ..and if they were already thinking of one of the skins , well hey they are more likely to buy it if it already looks great in it .

    ok enough of my silly ramblings

    great post awesome vid

    xoxox Sasy xoxo

  5. In addition to what Sasy said, check demo skins on visible seams, the places where the various skin templates meet. A good skinner will make them invisible and smooth over the whole body, whereas a lot of skins are all about a pretty face without paying much attention to the rest. It’s a shame when on a hot summer’s day you’re in your kinis at the beach and you see hideous lines on your body other than tan lines.

    If you spend a lot of money on a skin, you might want it perfect and don’t settle for a flawed product. And an expensive skin does not automatically mean it’s good, but that’s another subject.

  6. LOL XD this was very well done! Scary but I could name every one as they came up 😉

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