Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | July 21, 2007

Charm and undies

I didn’t do a video, I thought y’all would be bored of them by now, and besides Photoshop has been sat there neglected for weeks, whining pathetically on my desktop. So I fired the old girl up and thought I’d bring you summit that a lot of you probably haven’t seen. Now Insolence seems to be the general name bandied around when underwear is concerned, but I found a quite unassuming little gem in Lingerie at Hollee’s I’ll save you all the blabber and get on with the pictures.


From left to right we have Satin Demi – Hot Pink then Satin Demi again but in charcoal and finally Clover Lace – Cloud white


For this picture it’s Sheer Entwine – Charcoal Black, the Wraparound Silk in White (These have no knicker coverage but you have two layers one for each side of the body which is cool) and Lace Ribbon in Charcoal Black.

The seam on these sets are amazing and each set comes in two layers, great for those of us who like to get tatted up!

Finally we have another sneaky secret for you Miam Miam which sells the most devine little charm bracelets and necklaves EVER!


They also sell handbags, flip flops and lip gloss!

Loves and stuffages




  1. Did I mention that the undies are cheap as cheaps? Also WordPress is evil! *grumbles*

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