Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | July 23, 2007

Windows to the Soul

As I try to get my mind off a pending dentist appointment this afternoon, I thought I would share some recent eye releases. Often overlooked, eyes can really add more dimension to your avie’s overall look. Thankfully we have creators such as Miriel Enfield and Zada Zenovka to offer us great choices in this department. There are many styles, types and colors available around the grid: natural, anime, wild; larger or smaller pupils and irises; and every color you can imagine.

Miriel Enfield of Miriel has long been my eye maker of choice and she goes above and beyond by allowing you to choose which permissions you would like: Copy/Mod/No Trans, or No Copy/Mod/Trans.  Renowned for her jewel-crafting, Miriel’s newest eye release is the Luminous Collection which consists of two different 4 packs, available for only 125L or singles for 50L. These totally hand-drawn eyes are available in two different sizes, “the standard SL eye size, and a smaller, more realistic size” as Miriel tells us on her blog.

From L to R: Open Ocean (smaller), Open Ocean (big), Absinthe (smaller).

Other credits: Bridgette hair by Aden Breyer of Aden; Vanity Lashes by Portia Sin of Sin Skins; Bounded Elegance Choker (FREEBIE!) from Miriel Enfield of Miriel; Cropped Wrap Sweater (FREEBIE!) by Nephilaine Protagonist of PixelDolls; Ashlin in Chai skin by Lovey Darling of Lovey’s Boutique


Zada Zenovka of Shapes by Zada, custom and ready to wear shapes, has ventured into eye creation with the release of EyeFidelity. These are hand drawn as well, currently available in 20 colors and 2 sizes: Ideal Eyes based on the SL standard and Ideal Eyes which are approximately 15% smaller making them closer to the size of RL eyes. Zada adds yet another layer of innovation to her eyes though (as far as I am aware she is the first to do this, and apologies if I am mistaken.) With each color you get 3 sets of eyes, each featuring different highlighting and pupil sizes for indoor, neutral and outdoor atmospheres. Admittedly that’s more of a novelty than a necessity, but a nice little bonus that may come in handy for photos especially. Currently these are available for 100L per color choice, or fatpacks of 5 colors for 360L.

From L to R: Deep Hazel, Tawny, Indian Ink (all shown in Real Eyes version because I didn’t READ before I took pics…bad blogger!)

Other credits: Same as above.


Last but not least, a photo “just because”. I think the heat in RL is making my avie want to pretend it’s Autumn and I wound up in this ensemble for a bit yesterday. All credits same as above with the addition of the Cathedral sheer shirt by Zoe Llewelyn of Boneflower, strung leather belt by Fallingwater Celladoor of Shiny Things, Launa Fauna’s Trusty Jeans in rust, and black Bloom Boots by Onyx Leshelle of Maitreya.



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