Posted by: Sammie | July 24, 2007


Just in time for the M2 Fashion Angels Heavenly Wedding contest, Hyasynth Tiramisu and Calico Ingmann collaborated together on a dress set and wedding hairstyle for Calico’s wedding on July 19. The result is stunning, as you can see for yourself at ~silent sparrow~ or at Calico Kitty, or in my little slide show.

I almost regret that my own wedding was months ago because I probably would have chosen this set for my wedding dress and my bridesmaids. Not every bride wants a traditional white wedding, and given the chance to do it over, I’d go with the ~silent sparrow~/Calico Kitty set in Sea. The colors meld together like watercolor flowers, shades of blue, green and aqua which look so good with almost any skin tone.

The dress itself is a work of art. The scrollwork embroidery on the bodice and layers of flexi tulle in the skirt and veil is beautifully hand drawn, giving such a delicate effect. There is a sort of winged bustle included on the flexi skirt of the dress which balances the minimal strapless bodice. The shading actually reminded me of Fallingwater Cellardoor’s flowers at Shiny Things, prompting me to change location halfway through my photo shoot to compare. Prior to that I was eyeing blue primroses and winter scenery at Heart Garden Center, another fantastic place to visit and shop and to fill out the flower portion of your own SL wedding.

I love the versatility of this dress as well. It comes in 8 colors, which makes it perfect for purchasing for your bridesmaids to match your wedding theme. My other favorite shade of this set was Rainbow, and goths will not be disappointed because the dress comes in red, though not black. (“Married in black, you’ll wish yourself back,” as Ma used to say in Little House on the Prairie *smiles*).

I really really love the hair, and have been wearing it exclusively since I purchased it. Calico has won my heart, and I actually did wear one of her styles at my own wedding. The Tanned and Bronzed shades are my favorites. I love hair with bangs that kind of fall into the face obscuring one eye, and this hair seemed like it was made for me in that department. As usual, you get four different hairstyles with one color choice, three of them tipped in different shades. This hair also comes with all the veils for the wedding dress, which is going to be fun for different occasions such as masquerade balls.

So, take a look at this very cute set if you are considering an unusual wedding, one full of the whimsy of butterflies, rainbows and yes, kittens. Calico ones.

The dress is Bridal Suite in Sea from ~silent sparrow~, Calico Wedding hair and veil in tanned (every color of the dress veil comes with the hairstyle) from Calico Kitty, skin is :fancypants: 02 rose lips from Panache, eyes are Prismatic Natural Eyes #84 from Nevermore Studios, Ice Queen Jewelry from Random Calliope, shoes are Spring Stilletos in white from Shiny Things, flowers are Bridal Bouquet in White Roses from Shiny Things and Bridesmaid Bouquet in Blue Roses from Shiny Things, poses are from Reel Movement by Luth Brodie.


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