Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 25, 2007

New Minnu Palen Skin Line

Minnu Skins

Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins is retiring her first set of Model skins, and officially revealed her new skin line today during the opening of her new store location. She gave me a peek last night of the incredibly sexy photo-realistic skins. I love that so many wonderful skins are appearing all over the grid, giving skin addicts (like myself) a broader selection to slip into.

Minnu does not disappoint with her choice of five silky skin tones (Dark, Mid, Tan, Light, and Pale) in fantastic makeup options. I love love love the eyeshadow artistry paired with the immaculate brows and shimmery supple lips. The faces really are sultry and beautiful, and the body is HOT. I’m pretty modest about my girly parts, but TRUST me…the naughty bits are extremely detailed with a realism that makes me blush a little. The kitty is not naked, but tastefully groomed leaving a very sparse patch that works with the skimpiest undies. (You’re just gonna have to hop over to the store to see what I mean.) Gym-rat tummy, elegantly manicured nails, cute knees, and a booty that BEGS to be pinched are all incorporated.

Singles are 1100L with makeup 4 packs per skin tone available. Why are you still reading? Hit the slurl and go check out the skin sexiness yourself.



  1. […] without my lip gloss. I’ve already blogged the skin’s full body perfection here (and upon grabbing the link, I realized that the workaholic Minnu not only created an entirely new […]

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