Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 25, 2007

[Random] Shopping

Something happened on the way to the M2 printer and the photo accompanying my article on [Random Industries] seems to have been attacked by an overzealous cropping fairy, and two of the outfits I detail in the body of the article were missing from the photo in the paper…so I’m posting the full article here.

Be sure to check out the lastest issue of the Metaverse Messenger for other Fashion and Second Life news.

Random Shopping
Hair, skin, clothing and shoes found in the [Random Industries] shopping mall, owned by Garbage Prototype. The mall is occupied by Garbage and his very talented friends, rising stars in the Second Life fashion community (skin by Karamia and Indie’s House of Flesh, hair by [Random] and Aden)

***EDIT: the Mary Jane flats show in the center pic are NOT available at [Random], but can be found at Boing Fromage***

Full story after the cut

For several weeks now, I have found myself circling the same shopping mall, stuffing all kinds of goodies in my inventory, and happily forking over my lindens to the designers at [Random Industries]. The mall is home to Random, It’s All Good, Glitter, Karamia, Kimberly Casanova Designs, Kenzie, Indie’s House of Flesh, and Aden.

With a name like [Random Industries], one would almost expect to find a jumbled line up of vendors with a broad variety of style ideals, thrown together in side by side storefronts, but the mall’s first name of “Garbage! And Friends” is more appropriate for the atmosphere you find there.

After a few more name switches, including “Garbage Town” and “Legal Rehab”, the premise of Garbage vending the shops in his mall to his friends hasn’t changed at all. According to Prototype, “Yeah we all kinda are into the same styles I guess it would make sense why we’re all friends. All of us have many things in common humor wise as well.”

Whatever the reason, it really works. It’s not uncommon to see Karamia skins on Aden vendor boards or Random hair at Indie’s place, and it all just fits together like a really cool jigsaw puzzle. I spent the day shopping and pulling together looks from all of my favorite [Random] shops.

Kara Eagle, of Karamia, holds the current title of being my favorite skin designer of the month. Kara also happens to have designed one of the cutest dance dresses I have had the pleasure of shaking my hips in. The blue S.O.S. dress is accented with a flirty flexi bow tied in the back, and the Marcelle makeup on the Tan Karamia skin is the perfect complement to the dress. Completing the look is the Spice Girl inspired hair, Ginger Spice from Aden Breyer of Aden.

At Indie’s House of Flesh, I overlooked the skins many times in favor of the incredibly textured dresses and tops. After deciding on the Retro Dress in beautiful brown with pinks pattern from Indie Rainbow, I gave the skins a second glance. The Sunkissed Mocha skin paired with the Tiffany hair from Aden, and Kimberly Casanova’s Betty shoes completely worked with the dress.

At Kenzie’s, I went a little wild I admit, but I loved everything and by the way, if you were looking for perfect Ugg style boots this past winter, like I was, Kenzie has them. I chose one of my favorite dresses from Kenzie Craven, the black and white mod with amazing texturing on the flexi skirt prim. Sleeveless and fresh, it reminded me so much of Twiggy, I had to pair it with the short and sexy boy’s style Ian hair from [Random] and Cateye makeup from Karamia. The shoes are actually from Boing Fromage, and the only Mary Jane flats you will ever need again.

Innocence personified is the look I chose that features the Camie Cooper Heaven Sent Baby Doll dress with blue trim from It’s All Good, and the Kara style long pigtails from Aden. I adore the sweeping of the bangs across the forehead with a little feathered flip that makes for a lovely detail. I’m pretty particular about pigtails, as I’ve experience a few that look great from the front, but not so much from the back. This hair is fantastic from all angles. Kimberly Casanova Poppies shoes, with scripted color change shoe, bow, and optional buttons, add the right amount of sweetness and the glowing Karamia SandFlower continued the angelic theme.

A smaller shop in the mall, Glitter, which is owned by Kelci Jewell, has a few really cute summery tops, and I understand Kelci has just ventured into the design world but shows tons of promise. I chose the Party Girl style fatpack, with the Golden color halter shown here. Paired with fab 77 Straight Jeans from Kenzie, Rihanna hair from Aden, and Sunkissed Passion skin from Indie Rainbow created a casual look with a hint of edge.

I encourage you to visit [Random Industries] in Louise (39, 99, 652), grab some goodies from these very talented designers, and put together a random mix of style that is all you.



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