Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 27, 2007

It’s in the Bag


Precious Vuckovic of PV Design dropped her full range of handbags and clutches on me, and WOW! I’m really impressed. I’m a total bag junkie in RL, but somehow I never remember accessorize with one in SL. These “Precious” bags will certainly help me remember. The quality detailing and texturing is just fab, from delicately linked chains to the signature logo.

 Shown from left to right:

Ocean Browne Pattern and Ocean Black Pattern: simple leather clutches with loads of style
Milano in Black: elegant shoulder bag with an intricate chain accent
St. Tropez in Black: cloth satchel featuring oversized silver buckles and a handle extended from metallic links
Paris in Brown and Black: versatile leather tote in my favorite “medical bag” shape, with cute prim side pockets.

*I should note that the signature plaque on all bags as well as some of the metallic prims contain a bling script, and I because I’m a no bling kinda gal and the script didn’t seem to have an off switch, I just removed the bling script. Precious did tell me that she plans to add animations in the next couple of weeks, perhaps she will also update the bling script to include an off command.



  1. […] * Many people have been blogging PV Design’s bags lately, but I personally found them far too close to Louis Vuitton and Prada to blog myself. However, they ARE well made, and you can find other’s entries on them here and here. […]

  2. Really nice designs and collection indeed…
    Hoping they make some for Laptops too… 😉

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