Posted by: Carissa Crimson | July 28, 2007

Mercury Couture OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Just a quick note to let you all know that Mercury Couture has finally opened their doors in Mischief Cove. I attended a private opening with the gracious hostesses, Wilhelmena and Winifred Whitfield (the third sister, Willa, was left in bed to sleep off her over-indulgence in alcohol…the poor dear).

Giving you a sneak peek at what Mercury has to offer: On the left is Neo Amelia (which was a gift to the attendees but available in store), fun bright and just a lil funky, paired with Crescendo heels. On the right is the Dancing Pirate dress with tons of incredible prim details, with Blonde Bouffant hair and feathered Morning Hat, and Amber Ring (also a gift and available in store)

Mercury Couture

Mercury offers men’s and  women’s couture wear, shoes, hair, hats, jewelry, and bags…as well as some really CUTE men’s underwear (*giggle*)

Be sure to check the upcoming issue of the Metaverse Messenger for the FULL story!

Additional photo credits after the cut

Skin: Chai Peach by Lovey Boutique

Hair with Neo Amelia: ETD LisaII in Cinnamon



  1. *UPDATE*
    The orange cuffs and collar that were purchased with the outfit were not intended for the final release (although, like I told Wilhelmena, I quite liked the pop of color).
    The correct collar and cuffs should be textured in black like the jacket.

  2. I like the orange accents better to be honest.

  3. […] なので、こっちの彼女や彼女や彼女達の参考にして下さい^^; […]

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