Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 1, 2007

Last Call and Celestial City opens doors…

to swarms of eager fashionistas. I felt like the Lil’ Last Call Shopper That Could as I chanted “I think I can…I think I can…”, willing myself through the jello-like lag that struck Last Call when the “Open for Business” sign went up.

I was persistent and darn determined to see the new goodies that Ginny and Starley had in store, and after some fancy camera maneuvering and a few “sit on a sign” jumps I was able to grab some lovelies from Last Call and then hopped over to Celestial where the shopping was definitely less agonizing. Here are a few of my faves to help you get your butt in gear and get over there to check out the new builds, and the fab new stuffies.

New From Last Call

From Left to Right:

Joanna is a sexy zebra print mini and shiny leather tank combo. I love the texturing on the tank, and the molded to the body look is just HOT. Not much else to say…I think the outfit speaks for itself!

Kirsten is a sweet combination of soft gray trousers with two sculpted leg options (smooth and slouch) and a delicate scooped neck blouse with scultpted puffed sleeves (I am SO IN LOVE with Ginny’s sculpty sleeves…sigh!) Shown with the outfit is a new hair/hat from Starley called Moderno Devyn. It’s the same newsboy type cap that we saw with the Jennifer style, but is now paired with a sleek short razored ‘do. The bang sweeping over the left side cause ZERO issues with my prim lashes, and the flexi pieces swing and sway with every lil movement. A MUST HAVE!

Grace is a sophisticated tea length dress, perfect for dressing up or down, with beautiful beadwork accentuating the “just enough cleavage” baring neckline, and the hem of the flowing gauzy skirt.

Alais is, in my opinion, a funky casual set with LOADS of great detail, (that I didn’t seem to capture in my pic…BAD CC!! BAD BLOGGER!) The plunging neckline of the tank is gathered a bit right below the bustline adding a great elasticized visual affect, and the back is laced corset style (yes I know I know…I should have taken a piccy of the back, but go look at the vendor boards and you’ll see what I mean…it looks better on Ginny anyway *wink*). The cranberry colored trousers feature Ginny’s standard slouchy and smooth leg options as well as brown piping around the waist and a hip brown stripe down the sides of the legs. I paired it with the Annie May hair from Celestial which isn’t new (I don’t think), but it’s new to me.

Tatienne is a set that includes a great pair of dark washed jeans and sculpted sleeve, lacy shirt in FOUR colors. I have SO many plans for mixing and matching these tops. I just adore the hint of lace peeking out of the neckline. The hair is another hat/hair combo from Celestial. This time the short razored Moderno cut is paired with the brown Keith cowboy style hat.

So yeah…it was totally worth the wait.

Other credits after the cut

Skin: Jessica Pearl Blue by Cake

Joanna: Hair: Bonita II in Smoke Blackened by ETD| Necklace and Earrings: Black Pearls Set  from Paper Couture | Bracelets: (R) WildChild Cuff Zebra by Last Call Covet, (L) Zebra Bangles Stacked by Earthtones

Kirsten: Earrings: Claris white Pearls by Muse | Shoes: Rhodes Black/Silver Stilettos by Sylfie’s Prim Seduction

Grace: Hair: Anisa is Espresso by ETD | Necklace and Earrings: Vintage Flower set by Paper Couture | Bracelets: (R) Diamond Logo Tennis Bracelet by Paper Couture (L) Queen Cut Onyx Diamond Bracelet by Whittenton Design | Shoes: Black High Heels by Paper Couture

Alais: Shoes: Bloom Boots in White (with calf attachments removed) by maitreya

Tatienne: Earrings: Chinese Lantern earrings in White by Paper Couture

(can you tell I went shopping at P.C. last night? *giggles*)



  1. Yes yes yes the new releases are a-mazing anddddd the new jewelry is so great too so if you didn’t get a chance to see it, trust me and go look 🙂 If I can manage to get away from real work, I’ll going to try to take some pictures 🙂

  2. I saw them last night (camming *cough*) and I was drooling over a few of the outfits but damn it all! I went shopping last night and now I have to work a few days again before I can do any more serious shopping. 😛

  3. People are gonna think I’m crazy…but I actually squirreled linden away JUST for this lil shopping spree. I planned ahead!

    and Gillian, I DO need to go back and see the jewelry. It would have been entirely IMPOSSIBLE at opening, and I can’t wait to see what Lyra has for us.

  4. lol I would have planned ahead but…I went to Cake last night.

    ‘Nuff said. 😛

  5. […] and she had blue!!!11 (BTW, you can also see great pics of two of the mens hairs on Carissa Crimson here so obviously ladies can indulge too). He was happy and I was tired so here’s a quick […]

  6. Love to see you on that skin! ❤

  7. I do too, she looks so cute with it! *mwua*

  8. hahaha my ame is alais =)

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