Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 7, 2007

Marketing ploys

Like any girl when I hear the word SALE I go hell for leather to whatever landmark, SLurl or thing happens to be in vicinity of this word. It’s a superb marketing ploy, Ginny Talamasca springs to mind as one of the forerunners in well placed sales. She sells off all her excess, makes a shed load of money, gets traffic, people get things that they previously umm and ahh’d about for the same price as a nice portion of chips (fries, whatever). So when Neph announced a Pixeldolls sale I scampered over fast as my Maitreya boots would carry me.

Only to be incredibly disappointed… One of the last huge Pixeldolls sale was last year, where she sold off all her excess stock, for L$50. The lag was terrible but it went on for ages and everyone got a bargain. However at the new sale I saw many items which I’d bought in the previous L$50 sale, on sale again. For L$200.


Also there was some really REALLY old stuff on sale for L$200 with a L$100 pricetag on the box. I dunno, go to the sale, there’s some bargains on some really nice stuff. But I think that putting a 25 item limit on everything and shoving in items that really are worth a lot less is just wrong. Especially if you’ve had them all for sale at L$50 previously. Mebbe it’s a mistake. Maybe it’s deliberate. Who knows? I just thought it was wrong and that’s my two cents.


Oh yeah a quick disclaimer. I don’t ‘actually’ work for the Metaverse Messenger, shouldn’t be important really but in these days hehe.



  1. Hi Kitty!
    After speaking with a couple people, I have decided to pull the old items from the sale. I thought it would be nice to allow people to get their hands on these items, and that was my only motivation in putting them out there. Apologies to all this might have upset.

  2. Hey Neph, just to clarify I wasn’t upset, but I just thought it was wrong was all, Maybe you should set up a L$1 store with all the old stuff for noobs? It seems a shame to waste all the designs and I know I’d have loved getting my paws on Pixeldolls stuff for L$1 when I first started.

  3. A note on the pricing: I explained when I announced the sale (on the store blog) that the vendor boxes are still in the process of being updated to reflect the new pricing in their Information fields.
    I have some help coming in to assist with moving this process along, so that complication (one that is causing a lot of confusion) should be solved later today.

  4. i thought about that πŸ™‚ but the larger point with the sale is that i am really, really, really tired of managing this absolutely huge inventory and want a clean break from the old so i can move on to the the new!

    the compromise there that i came up with is, for new players in the future, i will be offering a lot more freebies. probably an accompanying free items for each new set, something like that.

    as for the question of wrong, i didn’t think so, but i also acknowledge that there are other view points, and if the perception that this is not the right way to handle is out there, i am happy to honor it. thanks for speaking your mind on this, you definitely were not alone in that concern. no big deal, if it detracts from the message of the sale i am happy to kill the items. ❀

  5. Um. I have a little problem with the sale too Neph. Tops that were 50L are now 100L? I mean I love your clothes and bought several items the other day adn was planning to buy more but rise in price for no reason seems a bit excessive. Just my two cents.

  6. i realized i should clarify my logic on the pricing for the items:

    a percentage of the items have gone up in price, a percentage have gone down. In order to keep the process of updating the vendor boxes with their new scripts as streamlined as possible, I chose a uniform price that I felt was fair for the items being offered. Also, in many cases, the items are transferable- I would prefer these items not be purchased with the intent of resale, but other than that preference I have no real control over whether or not that happens once the item is bought. All I can do is price the items at a point where it would probably not be terribly profitable for a reseller to clean out the remaining inventory. I think the current pricing strikes a good balance considering those two points.

    so, yes, there is an increase in price. but not for no reason.

    as for the decision to go with a limited number of copies vs simply closing down the shop on a given date: it’s different. the last thing i wanted to do with a store that i am tired of the “same old same old” with is close it down in a fashion that is more of the same way it’s always been done. this is bound to make some uncomfortable, but it makes for one hell of an interesting ride. πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for explaining your reasoning. I didn’t realize that the items were transferable, which I suppose makes a difference to some. I appreciate that and I’m sorry to hear you’re tired of the store because it’s been one of my favorite places since I’ve been in sl.

    I think that it is important for people to know the reasoning behind the pricing, because otherwise it does seem odd and arbitrary…so thank you again. It means a lot that you took the time. And I realize that in real world dollars and cents your clothes are still a bargain …and I don’t mean to be petty…just seemed odd to me.

    Take care and best of luck with your changes. Also, as a side note, I really like the glossy lips and strong eyes on the new skins πŸ™‚

  8. thanks delilah! ❀

    if i sound at times like i am fed up with PixelDolls, please please those that love it like i do, please do not misunderstand.
    i do still love the shop, and this isnt the death knell for it! thank you so much for enjoying going there, it was my pride and pleasure to create a space that was enjoyable. i hope to do more of that in the future, and better. πŸ™‚

  9. I understand her process in theory, but I have to agree that the practice was a bit… disappointing. It’s definitely worse because you can still see the previous pricing, but in a way I appreciate that… It lets me know how much extra I’m shelling out and let me weigh the difference. But I do wish her clearance sale echoed the joyful free-for-all of the Last Call clearance sales, especially if it (still) contained older items.

    But I am a greedy, inventory-hording, money-hording shopper, so what can I say?

  10. I wish it was more of a joyful free-for-all as well Juushika, and I considered running it that way. In the end, I wanted to send the inventory off in a way that was *different*. I don’t (and didn’t when I made the decision) expect it to be the more popular option, and its certainly not the more profitable option.
    In the end, though, I felt that the chance to learn from taking an unusual approach was best.
    Some dissapointment is inevitable, though, and facing that dissapointment is definitely the hardest part of the change.

  11. Actually I think Nephs approach was much fairer and honest then what Last Call and some others have done. Lots of time I go to a store n real life and miss a huge sale and then am lucky enough to find it on sale at a later time maybe not as good a sale but still a sale.

    Too many times I see this ploy used by Last call and some of their affiliate stores, I remember their big going out of business sale that was supposed to be the last time ever blah blah only to have the same stuff reappear a couple months later.

    Skins and hair supposedly discontinued forever again to reappear from customer demand cough cough. Those tactics just smack of decietful ploys and greed by those designers.

    Just because something was marked down really low for a specific sale doe not oblige the designer to always mark it to that price. Its up to you if you miss out then its your missed opportunity some other people may of missed the sale and still want the items.

    If a department store has a 25% off sale this week then a month from now does 50% off then goes back to normal price are you going to say unfair to them?

    No where did I see Neph say these items were gone forever, as a matter of fact she did a post a while back asking what people felt about the sale and people said they would be ok with it as long she didn’t misrepresent the sale as Dazzle/Last Call did. Really before pointing fingers you and praising others you should give the full story and not half.

  12. I think “ploy” is the wrong word for any of this to be honest. Ploy implies achieving something in a sneaky, clever or dishonest way. Going out of business sales at Persian rug stores are ploys.

    And Jennifer, it’s been hashed and re-hashed to death long ago but in Ginny’s case, she kept her sale open longer after customers screamed to give them a chance to shop. It’s not like the prices ever changed after the extension so I can’t see the difference between buying a $100 dress in September or December. Those prices were amazing – more goodness for everyone, for longer.

    When the sale did end, those items were gone. They can’t be had any longer. There were no price adjustments later. Poof, Dazzle as we knew it, was gone.

  13. I don’t think ploy is quite the right word either, but I do feel sale implies that things get marked down, not up, even if it’s bringing it more in line with market value. It was a hell of a bargain to come across a store with such excellent quality and surprise! it’s cheap too!

    I’ll still be a customer, though not for this sale. To tell the truth, I came into SL far too late and Pixel Dolls was already an overwhelming warehouse. Maybe I’ll be there more frequently when it’s smaller and I can buy up the place in one trip πŸ˜›

  14. As far as I am concerned, Neph or anyone else has the right to do whatever she or he wishes to do with his or her creations. WIth that said, I am disappointed–for another reason.

    Because of business reasons in SL, I can’t “afford” to join many groups that aren’t in some way associated with my business. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not a loyal customer at many places. By the time I found out about the sale, of course all of the newer items are long gone.

    I just wish that there would have been more than 25 of the newer items available. I can’t find things that were put on sale in May and June; thus, I assume they, too were a part of the sale.

    When the world was smaller, lol, I used to make a run around the grid to my favorite stores every week. Now that the grid is bigger and I am busier, I miss a lot. I am sorry to have missed the sale.

    Also, Neph if you do read this, I hope that someday you can put out a “book”of all of your work. I think it would be amazing to see it all, especially the limited editions that I never was able to see let alone buy since I only came in-world in mid 2005. Then of course there are the ones I foolishly didn’t buy.

    I wish you the best as you move forward.

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