Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 8, 2007

Catching Up

I went on a little mini vacation this past weekend (Lollapalooza…woo hoo!) and my hotel’s firewall stubbornly refused to let me log into SL. After enduring 14 hours on standby in a Chicago airport (not so woo hoo) I’m home, with LOTS of blogging to do. Oh, and other exciting stuff while I was gone…I won Kota’s Queen Bee trivia thingamabob, so I get first dibs on Savvy? goodies for the rest of the year (yay me!) and somehow I was also chosen for Grace Winnfield’s model search, which I’m excited about because, well dang it, I want to model!

I have decided that Onyx LeShelle of maitreya never sleeps, she dropped so many pretties in my inventory while I was away I couldn’t help but wonder where in the world she finds the time to produce such a volume of HIGH QUALITY designs. It seems they have already been blogged from here to the far reaches of yonder by all my fellow fashionistas, but I added my own lil twist. Love it or hate it, but I think it’s cute.

Maitreya Socks

Socks and Sandals! I am making a fashion statement, nevermind the fact that I stole the style from my Grandpa. I love these slouch socks. Vibrant colors in a soft chenille texture. I know they’re only socks…but goodness, don’t you WANT THEM? They are paired here with the Frisky sandals (also from maitreya) and also available in a toeless version.

Maitreya Shoes

Also from maitreya are these beauties: sculpted peep toe heels in Onyx’s standard INCREDIBLE textures. Shown from left to right are the Enchant heels in Red, Sunrise, and Dalmation. I can’t pick a favorite between the vibrant color of the red, the sweet bow on sunrise, and the touchable softness of dalmation. Oh, and if you haven’t “heard” the shoes come with a walking sound option. Photographed with hose from Blaze.

Kess Kreations
Kess Kreations Caterina Jewelry

Next up is a delighful surprise I had waiting for me, sculpted prim jewelry from Kesseret Steeplechase of Kess Creations. On the left are the Simply Pearl pieces: bracelet, earrings, and pendant necklace with a price tag of 100L per piece. I’m such a sucker for pearls and these are extremely well crafted. I’ve been a bit spoiled with my Claris pearls from Muse, but I now I have a reason to switch them out more often. My only criticism is that I would like to see more of a “pearlescent” texture on the pearl prims, but the the delicate gold chain is so pretty and the accent jewels are the perfect touch.

On the right is the Caterina set: amethyst stones set in gold, all for 400L. Exquisite detail and primwork in the golden jewel-encrusted globes suspended from a round setting and accented with dangling prism stones. The perfect accessories to dress up a simple and elegant gown.

Other photo credits after the cut

Socks and Sandals
Hair: Annie May II in Wheat from Celestial Studios
Skin: Light Gloss Skin in Grass from Minnu Model Skin
Necklace: Party Beads in Pumpkin from Frustrated Inc.
Earrings: Chinese Lantern in Yellow from Paper Couture
Top: Robyn Slip Top and Underwear layer pant (shortened) in Vermillion from Savvy?
Shorts: Buttoned Shorts in Gold from G.L.A.M
Bracelet: Wide Cedarwood Bangle from Earthtones

Kess Kreations
Hair: Anisa in Dirty from ETD
Skin: Light Gloss Skin in Grass from Minnu Model Skin



  1. Congrats on the win Carissa 🙂 I got all the right answers, but alas, my name was not drawn out of the hat.

    My business partner/best friend won that Grace thing too, so I guess you’ll be seeing her!

  2. Congratulations on winning the Savvy contest and the modeling bid!!! I did get the answers right so I snapped up a 400L gift certificate and 10 seconds later I was buying up stuff 🙂
    Thanks for looking at my stuff and reviewing it and very glad you like it! I’m working on a pearl texture (because I like making pearls) but I’m having issues and have put it aside until after SLCC and my trip to San Fran. I promise when I get something good I’ll def. get you a copy. 🙂

  3. It’s ok, I made the same fashion statement on my blog as well. I like the socks and shoes together, they look cute. Hey as long as you like, that’s all that matters. 🙂

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