Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 8, 2007


I likes shoes, almost as much as I likes hair, so when Fallingwater Cellardoor released sculpty shoes I wet myself. Once I’d cleaned up however I scampered over to look.

Now one thing you should know is I’m a heels kinda girl. Unless it’s trainers then it need a heel. But these little ballet shoes are ridiculously sexy, I mean forget the wining and dining I’m going straight to the… Oh, you get it. So I bought them and dribbled on them and figured there would be blog posts about them, but no, nothing. Zip. Zilch. Sweet FA. I was completely shocked, so here’s mine.


Ok I don’t have a massive bundle of cash and I don’t ‘do’ review copies. So obviously I didn’t buy every single colour in the shop but you can see them all here anyways.

They have ickle ribbons in different sizes, and they come with even ickle’r flowers as well. Sadly my tutu was at the cleaners so I rolled around in my inventory and came out wearing

Cardigan – Canimal stripey emoness thingy

Top – Neon Jpop tank from Rave Nation

Shorts – Bermuda light from LF Fashions

Socks -Pink tube socks from CS

Cuffs – FNKY
Hair – TRI bal from AVZ

And quickly, the hair is the dogs, ok so the texturing is pants (If Kin Keiko had textured it I would have made another mess but anyway) But it’s sooooo funky! (Oh and I modded in the fringe cos I likes to do that sort of ting)



  1. I love these shoes!

  2. Thanks for the nice writeup, Kitty!
    – Fallingwater

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