Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 8, 2007

The skin I’m in

I know I know I know…I’m in a different skin every week, but usually I wear a new skin until the newness is gone and go back to Lovey as my usual.

Minnu Model Glossy Makeup

Until last week! when Minnu Palen of Minnu Model Skins sent me her new Glossy Lip makeups to try. I haven’t taken these skins OFF! I can’t! They are gorgeous. Yummy in every single way. The soft, full and shiny lips are my favorite, with the phenomenal eyeshadows running a close second. You have to understand, I am SUCH a “gloss girl” in RL, somedays that’s all I wear and I’m “naked” without my lip gloss. I’ve already blogged the skin’s full body perfection here (and upon grabbing the link, I realized that the workaholic Minnu not only created an entirely new makeup line, but changed the body as well. The tummy is softer, and the back is more defined, so it looks like I need to add another photo.)

Minnu Glossy Skin Full Length

I think overall, I love these skins because somehow my avatar now looks more like me (the real me) than ever.

The rundown on the skins (aka…stuff you need to know) Skins tones are Pale, Light, Tan, and Dark with 7 makeups available in each tone (except for Pale which has 2 extra really cool novelty type makeups). Individuals are 1150L and the 7 skin FatPacks are 6000L. The skins also come with fantastic prim lashes. Go get DEMOS now! You won’t be disappointed.

Minnu Models is also releasing a Male skin line that I plan to review very soon.



  1. You look adorable in this skin, thanks for the post. If it wasn’t for you, I’d never known about them hehe.

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