Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | August 9, 2007

Goin’ to the chapel…

No, no, not me… But if you are, take a look at the latest from Rebel Hope Designs, and heck, even if you aren’t it makes a gorgeous choice for other formal events as well.  “Tabitha” is a 15-piece set which includes stockings and shoes, 2 bodice options (one with bolero-style jacket with and one without), your choice of flexi or sculptie sleeves, 2 veils and optional train attachment for a fuller feel if you so wish. 

When it comes to weddings sometimes less is more.  With “Tabitha”, Rebel gives us all the elegance and beauty a bride could want without a massive gown/train which allows you to focus on the intricate detail of the bodice and the accents of the prim sleeve options.



Speaking of Rebel Hope Designs, the majority of her fantastic costumes for men and women are on sale for 30-50% off through Sunday the 12th, so be sure to swing by The Costume Theater for everything from holiday-themed to pirates, from fairies to Phantom of the Opera inspired ensembles and so much more!

Credits after the break…

Skin: Chai-Ashlin by Lovey Darling of Lovey’s Boutique; Jessica Tan in Peach by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake

Hair: Coriander in Brunette by Tigerlily Koi of Calla; Rumor in Coffee by Stumbelina Ophelia of Cake

Jewelry: Peacock choker and earrings by Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions; Chunky Heart Necklace by Pearlie Pedro of Miam Miam, Kadin bracelets by Solange Cerveau of Solange! Fashions



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