Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 10, 2007


Okay okay, I finally caved under the extreme ‘haute couture’ pressure (although in all fairness I still think most of it is shit). Anyhoo, I wanted to do a little cross fashion trendy thingy wotsit and I thought what is the polar opposite of gritty, grungy, hoboness. Oh yeah, haute couture (of course the real reason is I inherited some deranged love of wearing baubles from my mother and needed an excuse to buy the baubletastic dress from Paper Couture but meh).

Joining me in my little posing ‘Oooo my av looks purty’ mania is me lovely missus Tie (who had a a surprising amount of HC stuffages in her inv. Very surprising. Words will be had let me tell you) Who in the above picture is more gritty than a pair of knickers after ruding on beaches. Facing off against me in the bauble dress (YAY!)

Look, I even managed to include new tings that everyone with a blog has blogged already! This time it’s me being gritty while Tie pretends to be dominant (when really she couldn’t dominate a kipper). Oh and the backpack I’m wearing comes with a scripted flash light which is very handy as I’m pretty sure the Lindens will cock up the sun pretty soon and we’ll all be wandering in the dark.

Who doesn’t love giant hats? I mean seriously, you’re going to a wedding or a party and someone needs a fruitball desperately, and blam, instant gratitude forever. Anyways, yes it’s a giant hat, and a prim coat, and yes I know they suck. But it’s nicer than most and is worth occasionally losing arms and generally looking like a twat for.

Don’t be concerned about me abusing my wife, she’ll probably make some smart arse, facetious/sarcastic comment when she reads this.

Info on the stuff after the cut thingy (If I work out how to do it)

I hate this part I really do. This is a complete copy and paste transcript of what Tie was wearing from the notecard she sent me.

Skin – NST Hybrid II: Vestal

Gritty outfit



{soap} Lost Backpack

[/AMBUSH/] Lucas’ Tactical Belt

The GL – Rogue Cuff – Dark Brown

BroGear [Black Label] – TERRORIST Leg Warmers

*EtchD* Atomic Socks Box

::: B@R ::: Damaged Shirts Lady Cross Shirt


Jeans Hotpants by Maitreya


Haute Couture 1


*~*Eliza’s Ascot Hat – Illusions

::: B@R ::: decadence EyesCover

Kyoot Army – Wilted Wednesday Vest

Gloves of some description

(PixelLounge) Gathered Mix Underpants

Paeoti_Basic Salsa Skirt ReVamp_Flexed – Nymphetamine

Maitreya Bloom – Black


Haute Couture 2

Osyare Kittie Hat – Silver – Curious Kitties


::: B@R ::: decadence top

blah blah

stuff from other outfit

other stuff


something with dangly bits

that thing from that shop

(See what I have to deal with?)

And so thats it.

Oh wait, yeah my stuff *sighs, makes a JD and coke and stares miserably at the screen*


The couture outfit was…

Greed Dress (BAUBLES!!!!!!!) from Paper Couture

Black Fishnets from Wrong

Bloom (black duh) from Maitreya

Miss Marilyn’s Sun Hat from Illusions

Alayna II (black) from ETD

Gritty outfits consisted of….

Trusty jeans (rust) from LF Fashions

White Cami from Wrong

Protalitarian from Gritty Kitty

Camo Jacket from *6ixth

Hair was Shae (pink) from Kin (which I modded in more fringey bits)

FKNY cuffs again (I like them, leave me alone)

Snake Charmer skirt from Kyoot

Hikers backpack from Accessory Arsenal

Top was part of a set called Wasteland Gurl from Bitter Thorns

Torn socks (Black) from Canimal

Post Apoc Boots by Gutterblood Spoonhammer, you can find his stuff at the Mutant Killbilly Deathsquad (catchy name no?)

Hair was Maxine (Dirty blackened) by ETD

Oh look it’s all done

Buh bye!



  1. What the hell is all this rubbish? Haute vs. Hobo? You’re an insane fishwife I tell you. Other people put up nice fashion posts with nice comments about nice outfits made by nice people and you put up this trash with us in our scruffy everyday clothes *shakes head*. And why’s it always me who has to get tits out? I don’t like it.

  2. This would be an awesome post if I had any idea where any of these items came from. The photos are great, but the credits are near illegible. Which is a pity, because I’d love to track down the second/middle couture outfit.

  3. Hehe they’re illegible because I hate to do them so it’s pretty much a c + p job. The outfit is from Bare Rose (go to their Haute Couture shop if you don’t like the giant confusingness of the main shop)

  4. Thanks for the info, Kitty. I’ll have to run over to BR and check it out. ^_^

  5. S’ok hehe, anyone else has any problems let me know here on in world. I will aim to do something a bit less random next time, but I wear so many different things in these posts and vids that it’s a real slog just to wade through my inv finding them, let alone getting them into a post!

  6. Excellent post!!

  7. Good Grief Kitty! I freakin’ ADORE you!!

    *hands you award titled “BLOGGING QUEEN”*

    your posts are always wildly entertaining, and your cutie pie/hottiness is insanely delicious.

    /me feels priveledged to even be associated with you.

    Oh! and Tie is achingly HOT! you lucky ducky.

  8. OOoooooo an award! I haven’t got one of them since I won ‘the best at dancing with teddy bears’ when I was 5 (sadly that’s true…)

    Yes Tie is achingly hot, but the doctors said that the malaria should wear off soon and she thanks you for your concern!

  9. Seriously Kitty, you have taken fashion blogging to a whole new level with these pictures and outfit “hashups”. Just amazing! *clapping appreciatively*

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