Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 10, 2007

Second Wave Lace Tank

Second Wave Lace Tank

Sioxie Legend of SecondWave Apparel dropped her new Lace Tanks on me today and OH EM GEE!!! Why haven’t I ever shopped this store before?? This tank truly is the perfect layering piece, complete with undershirt, shirt and jacket options, but it’s so great all on it’s own. The fabric is shimmery and shiny with a textured affect to simulate rusching from the cleavage to the hem. The lace embellishment on the front is scrummy enough, but it doesn’t stop there! The sexy shoulder baring t-back gets equal lace treatment. Seriously…this tank is H-O-T, and I’m already envisioning all the ensemble possibilities.

*There are some troublesome seam alignment issues on the sides that should be noted, and the lace is photosourced, but I really appreciate the design.*

<EDIT>!! The lace is NOT photosourced! Sioxie is THAT good coz it COMPLETELY fooled me!! oh and I’m embarrassed…I spelled rouched wrong. EEK! </EDIT>

10 luscious colors to choose from at $75L a piece! Only available at the Plush Gamma Second Wave store.

Other credits after the cut

Hair: Lisa in Black from ETD
Skin: Pale Jessica in Rosy from Cake
Pants: Isabeaux Black Leather from LF Fashion
Belt: Strung Leather in Black from Shiny Things
Ring: Trendy Tiger Agate Trinket Ring from Tickled Pink



  1. Thanks so much for blogging my latest creation! Such a glowing review too! 🙂

  2. You look wonderful! Very cute shirts too 🙂

  3. Sigh! Ara…I adore you…HUGS!!

    Now someone take my Captain Morgan from me QUICK!

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