Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 11, 2007

RED ‘n’ Black

Somehow I zoned in on red and black today, not on purpose, but it just kind of happened.

Draconic Kiss Enjoy Cherry
Draconic Kiss Cherry

When I saw the post for the new Enjoy Cherry outfit from Draconic Kiss, I had to have it. Why? Well…um…coz I enjoy cherries!! Really, typing “cherry” in my inventory search yields and embarrassing amount of the fruity treats. So naturally, it was imperative to add to my collection. The black tank top features red embroidered detail with a realistic “t-shirt wrinkle” texturing. The black jeans, which sport a sweet cherry patch on the left thigh, come in two options: capri with prim cuffs and full length jeans all for paltry $200L. Of course I had to accessorize with a few of my cherry pretties, details can be seen after the cut.

LilolOops Tulip Black Dress
lilolOops Tulip Dress

So I’m scrolling through the Fashion Planet feed as usual and a post from Furiae Blackthorne of Fashion Victim , featuring the whimsical designs by Lilo Jun of lilolOops, stopped me in my tracks. This purdy Tulip Dress in black called to me, beckoned me, cooed sweetly that I must possess it at any cost (which happened to be a trifling $250L, so I grabbed a few of the other color/patterns). I’m so in love with the geometric print contrasted with the bright red lace underskirt…it just really POPS. Enhancing the preciousness are red flexi ribbons that coordinate with the red trim along the bodice; one ribbon tied at the bust, one in the back, and yet a third at the back of the neck. Lilo has lots of other cuteness at the store, but you need to head over and check it out for yourself.

Hit the jump for more credits

Enjoy Cherry:
Hair: Sabrina in Light Blonde from /artilleri/
Skin: Minnu Models Pale SkinGloss Pink Fashion (not yet released)
Necklace and Earrings: Cherries (of course!) from It’s All Good
Bracelet: Snakeskin Cuff in Red from Earthtones
Shoes: Sandal Pumps in Red by 1-800-BETTIES

Tulip Dress:
Hair: Disturbed in Crimson Burnt by ETD (it’s all on sale…go stock up!)
Skin: Minnu Models Pale SkinGloss Bitch (not yet released)
Necklace: Ribbon Me Pretty in Black by Tickled Pink
Watch: Wrist Wrap Ribbon in Black by Tickled Pink
Bracelet: Zebra Bangle by Earthtones
Shoes: Mary Janes colored black with white trim by Boing Fromage



  1. Cuteness!

    I am not a girl that wears watches (not even in RL) but that one is simply adorable!!

  2. Thanks Ana!! I hardly ever wear watches either, and I forget i have this lil cutie sometimes. It was the ribbons from the dress and in the hair that reminded me.

  3. I *really* like both of these. Good finds and you look perfect as per usual 🙂

  4. I love the Tulips dress…it just stands out!

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