Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 11, 2007


On a serious note, stalking is terrible, it can ruin lives. Even in the virtual world stalking causes psychological harm and trauma.

Now that’s been said… I’M STALKING JELLYBEAN MADISON!!!!!

I can’t remember when I first met Jelly, but I lured her into being a filthy chick, infiltrated her birthday, spend day after day lurking outside her home and stroking her pillowtalk pillows lovingly. Oh and I read her blog, at least ten times a day (so I know what she’s up to!).

Cleverly I found a new way to stalk her now, all you have to do is pretend you have no money but really want to review an awesome store that NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE HEARD OF!! But are completely skint (ETD sale, hello?!) and you need her to come and model all the lovely clothes for you *rubs hands together gleefully*. It only bloody worked too.

The store in question is called Dutch Touch and all the beautifully made and advertised clothes are by Iki Ikarus. Now I have to tell you I like to fiddle in PS but Iki makes my efforts look like that elephant who used to paints work. On acid.

The clothes themselves are kind of an eclectic mix, it’s got enough grit and grunge to it to be able to scum around, but it’s also quite well put together. Kinda like a ‘I actually spent three hours getting together an outfit that’s meant to look like I spent three minutes picking it off of the floor and wiping off the noodles’ thang.

But the best thing about them is they make Jelly look hot! I mean she does anyway but, I mean really hot. As her ‘boyfriend’ Hawks said… Actually we don’t need to hear what he said. Just look at Jelly.

Look dammit! She’s lovely, those lips, the pink hair *sighs*

Info after I’ve hacked the page in two with this handy chainsaw…

The skin worn throughout is (Celestial Studios) Charmed Skin – Tone 40 – Auburn – Twinkle

The Boots were Vincent by Gutterblood Spoonhammer

Picture one:

On the left we have


Hair is Sadie from ETD

And on the right


Hair is Reese from ETD

Picture 2:


Elated hair by ETD again

Picture 3:

Iris outfit

Patootie II (ETD again)

Picture 4:


And the hair was Elated again (as was I, Mmmmm Jelly)

And finally…….

SLURLS!!!!!!!! (Yay for me!!)

Dutch Touch

Celestial Studios

ETD (Good luck with that *winks*)

Gutterblood Spoonhammers Mutant Killbilly Store



  1. so pretty

  2. JellyBean told me about the store! I went there and had to leave before I bought the WHOLE shop… 😉

  3. Where did you buy those dog tags?

  4. *returns from camping wilderness, brushing twigs from her hair*

    Hey Dylan, the tags are Jelly’s, I believe they are the custom tags from Sinistyle

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