Posted by: Carissa Crimson | August 11, 2007

Strike a Pose.

As much as I ADORE my poses from Luth Brodie of Reel Movement and Beauvoir Rousselot of maitreya, I’ve taken enough photos that I found myself in a rut…hitting the same stands time and time again for my snaps. LUCKILY, Lux Yao of Amaretto has tossed her hat into the avatar pose arena. I finally found the time to drop by Amaretto and check out the configurations Lux came up with. I was delighted to find not only adorable stands, but also chairs complete with charming sit animations. Here’s a sampling to get you motivated. So hurry up and sit.

Amaretto Poses from Lux Yao

(My favorite stand is the far right, which captures a “freeze frame,” making my avatar appear in mid-motion.)

As part of this post I also wanted to do a little ensemble mish mash. Closet Crisis does it best, but I wanted to try my hand at a mix and match, because honestly, I really have to find a purpose for all the forgotten pretties I’ve bought on my impulsive shopping sprees. I ran this outfit by Aradia Dielli (a kick butt mix and matcher in her own right) and she approved…so tada! my first “Heavenly Hash”.

It all started with the Jessica II hair in Chestnut (not yet released from ETD) with delightful wide brimmed hat, which set the theme for light and elegant coordinating pieces. I just HAD to include the new rouched (spelled it right this time) bustier from Savvy? in Teal under the Caroline Belted Empire blouse with puffed sleeves from Last Call. The skirt is part of the Brown Robyn Slip Dress also from Savvy? paired with Paper Couture heeless peaked toe stilettos in soil. Minimal accessories include the Mama Harper Two Strand Pearl Necklace from WorthWhile by Random Calliope and Shiny Things’ Spiral Disk bracelet. In the sitting pose, I had to substitute Choice Slacks in Beige from Nyte ‘n’ Day (thanks Aradia) because we all KNOW what prims skirts look like when you’re sitting.

Skin is Minnu Model’s Light SkinGloss Light.



  1. Great job my friend, you look beautiful and perfect down to your shoes. Thanks for liking my posts and for taking my opinion so highly, you do just fine on your own. *hugs*

  2. Great post, Carissa! You always look stunning.

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