Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 12, 2007

Men’s clothing (Or Kitty gets her mitts on a sexy bloke!)

It’s hard to believe at times that SL is four years old. Sometimes it’s in a ‘Wow, only four years? Seems longer’ kinda way, and other times it’s more ‘Four years? But I only joined yesterday?!’ I’ve only been in game technically for two years, but I know a man who’s been here for the whole slog. Druss Mandala. Creator of the most widespread, freebie selling, wonky deckchair. Beta tester (check the wall in Plum, he’s there) and all round nice guy. Unfortunately his fashion sense was still in the beta testing stages. He wouldn’t allow me to post a picture of what he looked like (cos he’s vainer than a bagfull of peacocks) , but whew, you want to see him now *dribbles*. I mean I loves me wifey but….. Actually I best shush I’ll get into trouble.

So anyhoo, I dragged Mister Oldiepants down to The Good Life and fitted him with a gusset destroying emo skin (I LOVE men in eyeliner, I blame it all on David Bowie in Labyrinth but meh) then I hopped on his back and he carried me all over the grid, visiting some of the choicest (and not so choice) shops in SL, laughing at blingtards and spending aplenty.

But look! He’s the complete and utter bollocks! Normally I can’t stand blondes but I would bend over backwards, crawl through mud, cut up my Launa Fauna jeans (Buying them back after, sheesh) and do any number of disgusting and degrading things just to sit there nibbling his finger.

I mean seriously look at him.

Oh sorry, I should have mentioned this is another ‘Kitty Lalonde using fashion as an excuse to ogle people’ post.

I do have to say on a serious note that the mens fashion is absolutely dire in SL.

We spent ages looking at the same bloody tee shirts, and the same pissing jeans. If your looking to update the love of your pixelated life, I’d recommend TRUTH. The Grandpa shirt seen in this pic is brilliant, but Truth Hawks, if you’re listening, MAKE SOME MENS TRAINERS!!! ( or at least make the girls ones mod) Thank you. The ones in the slightly more street set in the first picture came from the most ridiculous shop.
One of those retina burning places with many ‘woooooos’ and’howllllllzzz’ and outfits I wouldn’t feed to my dog. The trainers were nice though.

I got the feeling Druss was getting fed up with shopping by now, so I let him go.

After the cutty cut you’ll have all the info and a gratuitous nakie shot (YAY!!!!!!!!)

TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!! *dribbles*

Oh yeah stuff.

The skin worn throughout was Justin Skin – Fair – Eyeliner Stubble which was from The Good Life along with the cuffs (Rogue Cuff – Dark Brown)

The hair is Dare – Cool tones dark from Naughty

In the first picture

Top – Tank (Sweat, blank) from TRUTH

Trews- Chutte pants (black) from Gritty Kitty

Shews – Caliber sneakers (black) from *snicker* ExwiZit Designs

Tatt – Tangleweed from Etchd

And the next picture

Top – Grandpa (baby) from TRUTH

Trews – Apollo jeans (dark) from LF Fashions

Booty boots – Old boots for men from Shiny Things where we also got the necklace (Belou Necklace)



The Good Life

Shiny Things



LF Fashions


Gritty Kitty

ExwiZit Designs


Righteo, I’m off to get his clothes off again!

Buh bye!



  1. Well, at least I already own the effin’ boots! I got SOMEpin right already.

    ….now to go get those jeans. Thanks, Kitty!

  2. Dang Kitty, no one has made hitting “after the cut” as rewarding as you…”wootzchachachaaaa”

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