Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | August 17, 2007



Yes, that’s me…in pastels.  You did a doubletake, didn’t ya? 😉 

Well, I logged in to these lovelies from Kit Maitland of CKS Designs this afternoon and after putting them on I had one of my rare wild hairs to want to play up the cute and pretty look.  “Grace” is available in the 5 colors shown here for 200L a piece or 500L for the whole lot of them.   The blue and lilac are my personal favorites.  These are No Mod/No Copy/Transfer except for prim skirts, prim bows and pants which are all moddable (thank you, Kit!)  These dresses actually have a really nice texture that just doesn’t show up well enough in my pics here. 

Additional credits:

Skin: Chai-Ashlin by Lovey Darling of Lovey’s Boutique

Hair: Mia and Honey by Elikapeka Tiramisu of ETD

Boots: Sleek Laceup 2.0 by Fallingwater Celladoor of Shiny Things

Jewelry: Anchors, Toss and Tassle (Silver/Black Rope by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones Boutique (on sale now, as well as a TON of other great jewelry)




  1. Awwww but you do look so…well…cute and pretty!! I love the boots with it…that’s not something I would’ve thought of!

    Thanks Queenie for the nice words…and I love your blog…it has such a nice, clean look to it…great design!

  2. Thanks Kit! I need to get in touch with my girly side at times and your dress gave me such a great excuse! And I hadn’t actually planned on the boots but when I was flipping through looking for the perfect shoes I liked the combo…it made me feel sorta Nancy Sinatra-ish. But I’m weird like that.


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