Posted by: Queenie Extraordinaire | August 19, 2007

I Second That!

Ridin’ hot on the coattails of Sansarya’s post, “Nicky Ree Defines Class”, I had made a long overdue trip to Nicky Ree’s store this past week to pick up two outfits she had released in the past month.  I wanted more…oh, how I wanted more…I always want everything she creates but I do try to pace myself.

The “Julia” in red was a must-have-right-this-second-how-did-I-miss-it-upon-release…*click-buy-wear*.  Yeah, that’s precisely how it happened.  Eight vibrant colors available, and a multitude of purchasing options, as Nicky is known for.  And while I love her for it, it also creates severe decision-making issues for nuts such as myself. 


Nicky describes this as silk and satin, but I saw latex and leather.  So whichever your fancy may be, you can make “Julia” look divinely elegant or gothic domme.  It’s available in 8 vibrant colors as a dress set with a just-above-the-knee skirt, or the gown set, as shown above, each having three different top options while the aforementioned dress set also comes with a shrug jacket.  And if choices make you stand and deliberate for an hour, such as myself, then I am pretty sure you can pick up a pack of it all as Nicky usually offers that option (not in-world to confirm.)

Accessorized with the black “Revers a Lacet” gloves (also available in white) from Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss and hairs by ETD (Trinitee in the two outer shots) and Deviant Kitties-Cheyenne in the center.  I spent quite awhile trying to find complementing jewelry to wear for this but nothing clicked for me as the dress just seems to best speak for itself.

And for another look at Nicky’s “Nicole” dress, that Sans so beautifully showed off in the brown scheme (clicky her piccie for the whole slew of the options since she went for the super-size!), I present the basic black version, although Nicky’s black is anything but basic!  *silly side commentary to Sans: Did ya realize Nicky Ree’s rhymes with MickeyD’s? Luvya!*


Credits for the Nicole pic go to *dramatically rips envelope*

Hair: Bridgette by Aden Breyer of Aden

Jewelry: Mon Coeur by Lucas Lameth of Earthtones Boutique

The storms down here in VA finally settled and I need to sleep!




  1. *happy sigh* I’ve seen the Nicole suit everywhere and I still don’t tire of it. The lines are so classic and the fabrics so beautiful 🙂

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