Posted by: Madi | August 19, 2007

Last Call: Catwalk Collection

We’ve all been there, in that SL funk where you just need to take a break for a day or 30 to regroup. A recent release was enough for me to stand up and take notice that great things are happening at Last Call with the latest release of Ginny Talamasca’s Catwalk Collection.

After dusting off my halo and sadly unused pocketbook, I ran over and picked up 2 divine outfits, Dominica and Virginie, and a fat pack of Lyra Muse’s Liah boots.

In the spirit of being a Fashion Editor and in true newspaper fashion, you gotta wait until the paper is hot off the presses to read the rest. See the upcoming issue of next week’s Metaverse Messenger for a complete review on the outfits, the boots and the skinny how things fit, looked, and flowed!



  1. I love the outfit on the right, she should do more colors. I’d like to see a black and crimson version of that one. That means two different ones actually. Not like 1 that is black and crimson but one black one crimson.

  2. Ginny is simply AMAZING. And when I see her outfits on you I just want to charge up my Second Life credit card right away 🙂

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