Posted by: Sammie | August 19, 2007

Nicky Ree Defines Class

Nicky Ree “Nicole”

Originally uploaded by Sansarya Caligari
I’ve been swooning all over Nicky Ree’s new “Nicole” set since I saw it last night, and it required a special unplanned log in to run and buy it. This is my absolute favorite design of the weekend, possibly the month (so far, heh).

Two things: 1) 21 pieces in this set, including various cuffs and pants and skirt options. It is such a HUGE collection of pieces, I could wear this set for a week and not have the same combination of pieces. 2) I am fooking in love with the lilac translucent lace blouse in the brown set. WHY didn’t you create a separate skirt option for the blouse, Nicky? *sadface* (I know, I’m so greedy, it’s not like there aren’t a bajillion other skirts in this set)

Okay, now to get down to the details, which Nicky does so well.

There are four skirt options with this set. You can wear the long system skirt alone, for a fairly formal look, almost Victorian. Then you could add the long skirt prims (three of them) for a more floaty look when worn with the long system skirt.

Then there is a short, knee-length skirt, which I love because I’m a fluffy skirt girl *grin*. Then there is the short fitted skirt, which is also floaty and lovely, and actually my favorite of the skirt options BECAUSE, I can wear my new Maitreya “Bloom” boots in plum with it. I bought the boots specifically for this outfit, I’m that much in love with this set.

For the pants options, you can wear the pants with the jacket or without the jacket, so a belt is included with the set for the no-jacket option.

Now this is where it gets tricky, pay attention. The jacket comes with two skirt options also. You can wear the jacket with the shirt underneath untucked or the jacket with the shirt tucked in. I prefer the former, but your mileage may vary.

So, since she was doing two options for the jacket, she included two long skirt options for the whole set as well–one for wearing the jacket, one for without. Is this designer amazing, or what?

Finally, the shading and creases on this set are just fantastic. You can look at the back of the blouse and see where it clings to your body. The jacket is wonderful with lilac frogs holding it closed. The cuffs of the shirt extend from the jacket cuffs over the top of the hand with some lacy loveliness. The pants on the brown set are slightly shiny, as if this set is made of a nubby shot silk. The seams are gorgeous, not just the ones that don’t show, but the ones that are supposed to show. I could rhapsodize all day about how detailed Nicky got with this set, but you should go buy a set and admire it for yourself.

The Nicole set comes in TEN color sets, and you can buy the whole whomping large combo set of 21 pieces and have all of the pieces in one color range, or you can buy just the long skirt set, or just the short skirt set, or just the pants set. The smaller sets are $380L each. I’m greedy, so I went with the $800L full combo set (and yes, I do super-size at MickyD’s *grin*)

Now I need this set in blue, and black, and green, and yellow…

Credits: Hair–Cake “Rumor” in Coffee; Skin– Tete A Pied “Bronzage Light Avril”; Boots– Maitreya “Bloom” in plum; Shoes–Shiny Things “Lady Zigzag Shoes” in faun; Eyes– Miriel “Hazel” (big); Necklace– EARTH TONES “Angela” in Black/Violet; Earrings–EARTHTONES “Angela” in Black/Violet.

More detailed pics in my photostream



  1. *happy sigh*

    This is DEFINITELY my favorite of her outfits 🙂 I’m going to be buying the whole collection soon as I save enough!

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