Posted by: Kitty Lalonde | August 21, 2007


Having returned from the wilderness (camping near Birmingham *shudder*) I was pootling around my local supermarket when I found a DVD. Not just any DVD but a KNIGHTRIDER DVD.

When I was little I had a smallish crush on David Hasselhoff, and an even bigger crush on the car. That car was sex on a stick served up with chocolate icecream and sprinkles. Actually I still fancy the car (fortunately not the Hoff though!). Now before you think this is another random blog post that has nowt to do with clothes it has. Sort of. Very tenuously.

I decided to blow my stipend by doing a random word search in places, and the word, as inspired by Kitt and all his sleek black sezzyness, was retro (SEE! Told ya!), and so I happened upon a shop that requires mention for it’s name alone. Ducknipple. It has a certain je ne sais quoi, no?

In Ducknipple *snigger* you can find all manner of retro crazy goodness.

First of with have the lovely Weener dress. It has willies on it! Look you can be all subversive while pretending to look sweet! Then I found the Purno outfit, which for the sake of amusement I shall now be renaming the porno outfit.

Look! Purple! And stripes! The pants on the left are from LF Fashions but I wanted to show the glory of the stripy jumper. What more do you need (by the by I hope you are all paying a great deal of attention to the background, I mean seriously, screw the clothes, look at the CAR!).

Finally for the childish/retarded amongst us (yeah, that’s me) we have a Carebear tee and a BRUM tee. Okay so Brum isn’t as sexy as Kitt, and probably no one has a smegging clue who Brum is. But it’s Brum, so nyer. Oh yeah, and if you buy nothing else get the leek, it plays the loituma song, and wiggles. And irritates all around you.

Now in my new custom of sezzy pictures after the cutty cut, I’ve umm posted a sezzy picture after the cut.


Anyhoo, all of the above mentioned are from Ducknipple.

Other thingies were

Shoes – Neko boppers from TRUTH

Hair was Twila from ETD and Ash (the bobby one) from Kin

Skin may be being brought back, who knows!

Cuffed Pants from LF Fashions





ETD (Apparently not open at the mo)

LF Fashions



  1. hahahaha – love it. Don’t hassle the hoff!!

  2. My kiddies loved brum…. drove me insane… ok well more so!

  3. “Skin may be being brought back, who knows!”

    Lulz, you tease! 😉

  4. i ❤ teh Hoff…

    and i ❤ Ducknipple….specially that weener dress! We must convince beanster Potato to start an update group! *rallies*

  5. Oh. My. Frickin. God.

    FlipperPA Peregrine used to have an animated GIF forum avatar at Second Citizen that featured Hasselhoff/ It gave me nightmares — or should that be knightmares?


  6. […] now carried over to Second Life, as well. The wonderful ladies at Fashion Heaven were the first to let us know about Ducknipple and the Swinging Leek. As soon as I saw the article, I visited Ducknipple and […]

  7. […] to Ducknipple (and to Fashion Heaven for being the first to share), I can now "share" this obsession with all my friends in SL, too! XD The leek swings […]

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